Life Has No Reason. Plan Accordingly.

Life Has No Reason. Plan Accordingly.

Now, don’t misunderstand the title here. Life is not some sentient being with a rhyme or reason. It just happens. YOU have a REASON! YOU have a PURPOSE for living.

You create your purpose and reason for being present while alive.

In order to have a purpose, we have to plan accordingly. Also, know going into life (through experiences) that all our plans for how things should be are complete shit! Well, not all shit, but there is no way to fully plan for every one of life’s curveballs. We get dealt those every time we make a decision expecting one outcome and receiving another. The real mind bender there is that it isn’t really life screwing with us, it is our own selves screwing with us without even being aware of it.

A good solution to that? Plan to never think you have even the slightest thing figured out. Certainly don’t think that you have people figured either. They are the most unpredictable of all. There is an ebb and flow to most, but big things can collide with the crystalline surface and create shockwaves that disrupt the normal pattern. This is conflict, this is strife, this is division. It can be an ending for some or the beginning of something better.

Perception. This is where you have a modicum of control. The way you or the way I perceive things can grow and/or evolve as we experientially learn from the people and events around us.  We don’t all go through the same experiences or live under the same guiding principles, and that is also where division takes place.

I look back on things I’ve written, posts I’ve made, and even thoughts I once had and believed were true (based on my perception), and I now see how much I have changed in those perspectives. Not in all of them, but in the things worth changing, I have seen an evolution to my thinking. 

Each day, I try to be accepting of anything and not expect to know what and how the day shall be. There are simply too many variables that complicate the hours of the day. Embracing the complexities and knowing that my perception to each scenario that unfolds can greatly simplify my existence.

Controlling reactions is key to happiness. Showing empathy when the heat and quickness of anger is about to brim over can diffuse conflicts.  Expecting nothing means there is never disappointment; only the awe of endless possibilities.

To close this all up, it is pretty simple. Don’t get wrapped up in what you think life owes you or what it may have done to you. Remember that life has no reason. You are your own reason. Make your reason your own, and leave a legacy of positivity and empathy in your wake.

**This post has taken a few months to scrape together due to a few life events and the GoDaddy incident that lost 2 years of posts, but I am still coming back as I can. Also, there are a few other writings coming on the horizon. Stay tuned!


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