Needs More Kettlebell

Kettlebells used to scare me.  I have no idea why, but they just seemed intimidating.  They almost looked more like some sort of weaponry you would find in some crude battlefield from medieval times.  It would have some gory name like Skullbasher or something.  “You there, naif, bring me my Skullbasher.”  Yes, I just went there.

Anyway, since getting trainer number three, Ryan, I have been using them more in my circuits.  In fact, on Monday, they were a focal point in my sets.  I used 3 different weights depending on the motion of the exercise – 10, 18, and 20 pounds.  I even got in early to warm up with a 5 minute 1000m row before starting.  Ryan likes to help me work on muscular endurance, so we go outside a lot in the Crossfit bay.  Florida heat makes it stupid hot, but it is excellent for sweating and conditioning.  It is also good for a girl who sits in the comforts of an A/C for 95% of her day as well.

2014-09-08 21.30.09

Pay no attention to my poor spelling – I was tired and the phone screen was small – sheesh!

Monday’s work-out went according to the list above.  I did the first 3 elements in a circuit – jump squats, hip hinges (the correct name for the movement, and basically a high pull (to chin), and then got a 30 second break.  After going through the circuit 2 more times, it was time for a lunge and press movement where I went into a lunge with the kettlebell cleaned to the shoulder on the back leg side, then did a one side shoulder press, brought the press back to the shoulder, and then stepped back to starting position.  Fifteen on one side, and then fifteen on the other.  I was thankful for the 60 second breaks in between these.  Next, I had side lunges with with a kettlebell explosion from chest to straight out in front of me, and then back to center.  Again, 15 on each side.  The final move was the MOST intimidating to date.

It was a modification to a kettlebell burpee.  One 20 lb kettlebell that I positioned my hands on, then went into a jump back plank, jumped back in, and finally deadlifted the bell.  It was rinse and repeat for 14 more followed by my 60 second break.  After this type of training, I decided to start researching the kettlebell and its associated exercises because I am no longer intimidated; it is more like slightly addicted.

I took Tuesday to do more research and stuck to doing stretches, yoga, and laying the ground work for pistol squats (which are not a joke at all).

2014-09-10 05.19.50

This morning, I got up at 4:30 AM so that I could get to the gym before work.  I was completely ready to try out a few new things that I found yesterday.  Since I have my second trainer session on Thursday, and I didn’t want to blow out anything that I might be working on, I made today a 2000m row followed by a full core circuit.

2014-09-10 07.50.42

I could tell I was a bit tired as I had to run back out to the car for my phone and my gloves.  After a massive blister to callus rowing session, I stress the importance of gloves for extended or intense rowing.  I was pretty stoked to see that I got my 2000m row done in under ten minutes.  This gave me time to get up to the bootcamp room, set up all my props and get a quick stretch in before going to work on my circuit.

The two new moves added to the circuit were Russian Twists and Kettlebell Windmills.  The routine looked like this:

2014-09-10 08.11.27

If you are curious about the two new moves, or any of the others I listed immediately above, here are links to how to do each one:

Moving forward, I plan to continue to educate myself on the moves I am doing so you will have to pardon me if I seem to change the names of things or switch terminology as I become less of an amateur.  Baby steps, my friends. Baby steps.  I am still trying to decide if I want to participate in the Balance Yoga challenge for the month, but I also do not want to overload myself and hit fatigue.  If I do, I will have to get on it as I am already 10 behind.  Honestly, I may do it solo, as I have time, with a fe moves each time.  If I do, I will post them here as well.

Anyway, until next time…

Namaste! ♥


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