Fun In The Sun: Anniversary Style

Well, I promised once I had everything out of the way, I would share.  So, to start this puppy off right, I thought I might share a bit about my five year anniversary out at Palm Island.  If you live in the Southwest Florida area and even if you don’t, I highly recommend the island for a nice little getaway.  I don’t know how exciting it would be for much over a long weekend, but next time I might try it out just to see if I could handle that much free time and lazy beachiness.  There will be a link to the resort at the end of this posting if you are curious, but for now…

I digress.

For our five year anniversary, which is also bordering on the longest relationship I have ever been in with a male, we decided to make it special.  This year had a lot of quirks and curve balls with his new job and my company being bought out, so we didn’t get any real ‘planned’ vacations per se, and we wanted something nice to do for this momentous occasion.  Now, my best friend had raved about how nice the island was, and when I saw it was only an hour away, I knew I wanted to check it out.  My other option was going to be the Keys, but that was going to be so much more involved.  As much as I wanted something grand, I also wanted low maintenance and on the easier side.Any who, I found the resort on a quick Google search and began reviewing all the villas and activities of the island.  That is when I cam across the Romantic Couples Weekend Package.  This covered golf cart rental, 2 meals (1 lobster and seafood picnic feast and a dinner at Leverocks on the mainland), out 3rd floor villa looking out over the beach, late check-out, and basically a weekend of awesomeness.

2014-08-18 09.49.30 2014-08-18 09.49.37

We drove up there on Friday August 1, and did not leave until nearly 5:00 PM on Sunday.  It was wonderful to have a nearly private beach since it wasn’t season as well.

Once we got there, we had a few issues getting help with our luggage and supplies to the room, but it was quickly remedied and we got to our villa to put our gear up.  After that, we grabbed our golf cart and decided to hit the island restaurant for some grub and drinks.  Nothing like getting into vacation mode with a little libation and conch fritters!  It was such good fun, I even had a ‘bucket of rum’ (don’t ask, just look) and the boyfriend had a… I can’t recall, but it was mixed with rum:

2014-08-18 09.38.37  2014-08-18 09.48.36

After our awesome treats, we decided to retire back to our villa for some amazing pizza that we got to go, and relax for a bit.  Once we mellowed, we decided to make out one trip off the island to hit the store for some extras since we were unable to do so on our drive up due to the storms we passed along the way.  I think it was safe to say we made it a quick trip to the store for simple things like eggs, non-dairy milk options as well as the boyfriend’s milk options for his coffee and a few other odds and ends.  Once back, it was time to retire to the room for some sleep.

Saturday was a great day.  We lazily got up, had breakfast, went down tot he beach where I swam and played with my GoPro while the boyfriend cast his line, hoping to lay into some fishies.  We played around for a few hours down there and then we headed back up to get our delicious lobster and seafood feast.  Since we didn’t want to get sand in the food, we decided to picnic with the wine and sea fare up on out patio overlooking the water.

2014-08-18 09.47.45 2014-08-18 09.47.34 2014-08-18 09.47.53

Later on, we decided to go explore the island more with our trusty golf cart, and made our way down to Stump Pass, which was more boat traffic driven then we would have liked, but it was quite lovely all the same:

2014-08-18 09.48.26

After our adventuring, we decided to go back to our own private little piece of the beach for some sun, fun and playtime in the water.  One amazingly awesome idea I had while tinkering around with my GoPro Hero3, which I still have a hard time believing I can stick it in the water, was to do self portraits in the drink.  The water was so clear, I thought it might be feasible, so the goofy nutters that we are, we decided to give it a whirl:

2014-08-18 09.48.55 2014-08-18 09.49.03 2014-08-18 09.49.10

Needless to say, we had quite a great time, even with the salt water burning our eyes and causing us to spit!

Saturday night, we got to take a lovely trip on the water taxi over to our dinner, and then caught the susnset on the way back.  It was quite breathtaking to be out on the water to watch that.  Once we got back, we headed up to the villa just in time for a giant storm to roll through.  What was cool about it was the fact that we both love storms, and we love storms when we are headed to bed.  This storm, which rolled right in from the water (a really powerful and calming thing) was serving both loves at the same time.  Pops and cracks happened all through the night, and when we awoke on Sunday, it was already sunny and inviting.  We accepted the invitation to head back down to the beach for one final morning:

2014-08-18 09.48.04

The funniest thing about Sunday was the fact that all the little bait fish swarmed us in the water like we could keep them safe and warm.  As I sat in the water and the boyfriend fished from my side, we had so many of them dancing and playing around us.  I ran a bit of video and got some fun pictures of them, but alas, I have yet to fully go through both cameras to get all the shots and video off of them.

After all that fun, we decided to have one last little lunch at the Rum Bay restaurant before we began packing things up and starting to put stuff in the car.  Actually, before we did all the packing and loading, we actually carted around the island a few more times just to see it all and drink it all in before we had to ship off on the ferry back to the interstate and our home.

It was a nice time, and one of the big things about the trip was disconnecting from the internet.  Not completely, mind you, but placing it on the back burner to only share snapshots and anecdotal remarks about our time.  We still enjoyed coming home to happy, healthy fur babies and it is treasured time in our memories to recount the experiences we had for our fifth anniversary out on Palm Island.

So, if you ever have a chance, do go see the island.  You will not be let down.

Soon, I will follow-up with more happenings, but until then…

Namaste! ♥


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