Be Cool – Gym Up

While I have droned on about my anniversary and my yoga challenge, I haven’t really touched upon my favorite place to be, other than home and in my sweats, and that is the gym.  I really do love the way I feel after going and even when I don’t feel like being there, once I get changed and through the doors, I get to work.  I know I have told you all about the first trainer and the new trainer, but it seems like I may be getting an even newer trainer soon.  Not to bore anyone with the details, but the current trainer is possibly leaving do to issues with upper management, so after a month with him, and a reduction of 4% body fat in that month, I might be saying goodbye to him and hello to number three.

In a sort of snarky way, I want to stop referring to them as people and just numbered identifiers, but it just isn’t my style.

It really isn’t their fault that the management changed hands and is restructuring.  Though, as the consumer in this case, I can tell you that if I were a weaker person, I might have already quit.  In my business life, I don’t tolerate a lot of poor behaviors and mismanagement because I know the end user won’t be pleased.  Everyone provides some form of service with their job field and I try to make the users on the other end of my work to never feel a bump or bruise.  I sometimes expect that in return; however, in the really real world, this isn’t often the case.

In the case of health and physical/mental well being, some people need a rock to rely on and that is what the personal training is for.  I can imagine that if that foundation is shaky, they will be set up to fail.  For me, though, I am my own rock when I go to the gym.  I have good days and I have bad days.  I have cardio and abs days, and I also have serious weight, HIIT, and circuit days.  The trainer, for me, is someone who is teaching me to have more tools in my tool box for the gym.  It is not that different from how I approach art.  I learn techniques so I have more ways to tackle a problem.  With the gym, those tools just tackle those trouble spots like my butt and my gut!

As long as I am paired with someone who understands what I need them there, it is all good.

I need a bit of a coach and teacher, and I need someone who can handle the fact that I laugh after reps and sets.  They can’t be too serious or too laxed or I will simply lose my mind.  The good thing about being an adult sometimes is that I have no problem telling people what I think and how I feel in instances like this.  Life is too short to settle for things like a miss matched trainer to your goals and to let the little things get you down.

I hope to have more to report on that front after this week!

Namaste! ♥


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