I Love Family Time

As the munchkin becomes less and less of a munchkin, I am not taking for granted the time she wants to spend with me.  I know there will soon come a time when she will think mom is a total tool, and I am sort of prepared for that, heh.  Actually, I think you can … Continue reading I Love Family Time


Why I Don't Fry and Other Glorious Tales

As you may have picked up, if you read my postings or see my self portrait work, I have been rocking the alt ombré look with blackish roots and crazy train red down at the bottom.  Well, over the weekend, I decided to flip the script on the hair again, and change it back to a … Continue reading Why I Don't Fry and Other Glorious Tales

She's Got Legs

Starting in August, I began the #ShesGotLegs yoga challenge with  @kinoyoga @beachyogagirl @laurasykora and@fitqueenirene on Instagram.  With my schedule, it has been tough to post them each day, but I am doing them, working them into my daily asana practice and going with the flow of life.  Seen here, you can check out the month's poses: Yoga is my feel … Continue reading She's Got Legs