Another Catchy Title? Puh-Lease…

Honestly, I really didn’t have a thought about what to title this, so there ya go!

So, it has been about a week and a half since I posted and it is the first week with the new boss and the work load has ramped up with a full school book vendor change.  I have been design busy and that is a good thing.  On top of that, I have been spending plenty of time in my second home (the gym).  That leads me to an interesting turn of events as well.  In my last post, I told you about my trainer Jonas, well… Last week, before our session, he was let go.  Now, I am not into politicking so I have no idea why or what happened, but it did.

I was a little shocked and wondered what was going to go down, but I went in and had a chat with the trainer manager and he told me about the other trainers that were available.  There were a few that seemed alright, but when he told me about Josh, who has a sense of humor, I knew that was the trainer I needed.  He said that Josh was military and wouldn’t cut me slack and had a good sense of humor.  I said if he will ask if I am alright after I fall over while chuckling at me, then he is the right trainer for me.

I work through tough boundaries with laughter and sometimes a little snark (good-willed snark).  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good intense work-out as much as anyone who loves the gym, but I need to be able to have a release with laughter to make it fun.  Especially during HIIT workouts outside where I am gasping for a mix of water and air at the same time.  Florida summers are not forgiving when you are outside, but they are great for sweating and shredding.

So, last week, on Wednesday, I met up with Josh for my first HIIT workout with him on my legs. We went outside for some kettle squats, kettle lunges, and medicine ball jumping jacks.  It was kind of grueling after a long day, but I pushed through.  Then it was off to some ab work with a stability ball before finishing it off with some good stretching practices.  There was a huge difference between the type of sore I was with the different trainers.  With the first, I know those muscles were tore up and pumped, and with the second trainer, I was still able to feel the work without walking around like a new born calf.

Another interesting thing to find out was that he had shoulder surgery and was completely committed to helping me work through my persistent shoulder injury so I can avoid the likeliness of needing surgery.  On Friday, we did nothing but shoulders and back.  It wasn’t hard core super set kind of training either, it was more like rehabilitation and deep, slow work.  It was more on stretching, range of motion, and form.  It was exactly what I needed.  It was actually so necessary that it helped me focus myself on the true goal with the gym and my yoga practice.

I was truly sore from the little bit that we did do because it was done right.

The rest of that day was filled with tons of running around from photowalking with Patti Colston to dropping my munchkin with her dad, and then going over to the bestie’s house for dinner, beer and overall socialization.  Saturday rolled around and I woke up to a thought.  It was actually relating to some of the practices and ideologies of Ahimsa.  Most specifically, it had to do with harm to self or the non-violence of one’s self.  I got up and looked at the challenges for the independence army and realized that my need to complete was more of a violence to myself than a fun and inspiring way to practice my yoga.  Basically, I was going to try extremely advanced poses that I could not safely enter or exit just for the sake of not quitting.  When considering what yoga and the practices really mean, I realized I was doing myself harm and violating the teachings.  So, to stay true to myself, my body, and my spirit, I chose to “pause” the challenge until I can do each move with strength AND grace.  I am keeping the chart handy and still working through the moves I can, but I am going to not force or rush the process because the journey inward is long and it isn’t a race.

Fast forward to today, Wednesday, and I am just a few short hours away from hitting the gym again.  I have no idea what is in store for me when I get there, but I know I will persevere and get stronger.  It is about drive and dedication, which I have.  Slowly and surely, my body is getting the memo and not giving up on me either.

Until next time, my friends….

Namaste! ♥


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