Two Week Pause | Ups and Downs

So, wow, it has been almost two weeks since my last confession….


Seriously, though, it seems like so much has gone on and that it has been months since I sat down to type, but the really real world has presented many opportunities and challenges, and I am meeting them all head on!

For starters, I began a yoga challenge the first day of July and I am already past the 11th day!  It has been a challenge, for sure, but I am welcoming it because it has forced me to push myself into poses and places in my mind I didn’t think I was capable of reaching.  So far, it has been an amazing trip.  Even cooler still, one of my friends from Google and Facebook is working right along with me.  It is pretty sweet.

If there is one thing I love about life, it is meeting new people.  Lately, since I spend a whole lot of time at the gym, I am realizing that it isn’t such an intimidating place and neither are the people.  Most people are just as nice and helpful as can be.  The other day I was working the ab crunch machine and this very senior gentleman came up and asked if I was almost finished.  I told him I had two more sets to go, and see said okay and walked away.  While we were in conversation, though, another lifter two machines down was concerned that the machine wasn’t working properly and he came over and asked if we needed help.  In the moment, I didn’t really think about it much, but on my drive home, I thought about the community that I am immersed in while I am there, and it isn’t as much of a solo sport anymore.

Many of the staff are getting used to seeing my fiery-haired self too.  I know some of them by name now and they know me.  I also started working with a trainer named Jonas, who is as dedicated to seeing me reach my goals as I am.  He doesn’t let me slack either, but he is showing me how to do things right.  Each time I walk in the gym, I am less dependent on the plate machines, and I am confident in doing super sets and whatnot to build my muscles back up to awesomeness.  It also helps that he is helping me to shatter the mindset of what my boundaries are.  For the previous two months at the gym, I was so worried that I would push myself too hard and hurt myself, and he has allowed me to see what my real tolerance levels are.

I have had to modify my diet a lot lately.  I have shed a lot of the little fill-me-ups for straight up protein infused snacks and meals.  They are still healthy, but the rabbit food had to get a massive boost.  I also upped my supplements to compliment all this muscle shredding.  I am protein-ing my juices and I am using BCAA powder during work-outs to help my muscles recover faster.  I know all of this is a good start to transforming myself into who I know I am and who I want to be.

I also spent last week transitioning into working with a new boss.  It has been years since I had to do this, but change is always inevitable.  I really thought I would leave the company before my boss ever did, but when new management wants you to do things that go against your own moral compass, I guess you have to decide if you can live with it or not, and she could not.

It will be trying after next week when my boss is gone and it is only new boss, but such is life.  I know my job will get done as it always does and that will be that.  However, it is taxing to the mind, which is why I am so happy to have my new gym and gym people in the world.  When you sit in an office all day ignored by 95% of everyone, it is just nice to have a place to be yourself and work it all out.

Another by-product of my gym rat self is that I can’t sit for too long.  Even write now, while writing, I feel like I should be moving and stretching everything.  Since I am generally left to my own devices in the office, I take a few minutes each hour to move around.  Those are the best few minutes ever.  My body sings (figuratively speaking) with joy when I get up and move it around.

Also, since I mentioned it, I have decided to share with you all the first 11 challenges from the #independenceARMy July challenge; here they are:

So, on that note, it is time for me to move and stretch and play out there in the really real world!  Until next time….

Namaste! ♥


2 thoughts on “Two Week Pause | Ups and Downs

    • jadedpixels says:

      Thanks! I suppose life is just a balance and without dark the light isn’t quite as bright, or something like that! 🙂


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