Blast From The Past

So, today I thought I would share two stories/postings I left over on Google Plus since they seemed more like anecdotal tales rather than anything specifically tied to photography or art.  Here goes and have an excellent Thriday:

As She Grows

Some of you may have been aware of my computer issues during finals week, and some of you may not.  The long and the short of it was this:

My hard drive failed as I was finishing up my 3D Animation projects and still had 2 other finals to finish.  I was a little sad and overwhelmed at the luck (or lack of it).  However, I put 3ds Max on the boyfriend’s computer, and got back to work (a million hours later).  Then, I spent time after work and before work finishing up the rest of my projects with the CS4 on my work computer.

4 days after no computer and I finally made time to make it to the store to grab a comparable drive to replace the exploded one (figurative, not literal).

When I was re-installing everything that I wanted to have on the new computer, including a new OS, I found an extremely old hard drive from my previous college days in Network Engineering.  Oddly enough, it had old .msi and hack programs from class, but it also had some back-ups from my old “custom built” (by me) PC from back then.

This image just happened to be one of them.

As I looked back at all the memories on the drive, I was reminded of so many wonderful events and wild adventures, but the one thing about this picture that grabbed me was how long my hair was!

I know, what a strange thing to get nostalgic about, but I did.  It is one of the reasons I let it grow now.  Sure, I could cut it in a million super cute and funky ways and in a myriad of colors, but I miss the versatility of length and all the fun I could have with my self portraiture in this state.

That being said, I decided to clean up the image from my silly little point and shoot from back then just for s’s and g’s.

The Pieces of Us

Okay, I wasn’t going to do it, but I decided to do it anyway; I am sharing another shot from my recently “re-found” archive, which made me smile almost as big as in the picture.

As some of you may know, my boyfriend and I did not always live together or even in the same state.  We literally spent less than a month a year together in the same physical space until the timing was right for him to move to Florida.  That was like 3 years after we started dating LOL.

Anyway, I had visited him for the first time in August of 2009, and then, for my birthday the following March, he came out to visit me for the first time in the Florida swamps heehee.

This is literally the first picture we took (together) for this trip while the chipotle tilapia and sangria were setting.  The next day we headed up to the Hard Rock Hotel and Universal Studios for some much needed rest, relaxation, and a viewing of the Blue Man Group!


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