I Can Almost Taste Freedom

And it tastes good!

So sweet and full of awesomesauce, truly.

When I speak of freedom, I am speaking of graduating with my degree in digital design.  Oddly, I have been so immersed in my projects and discussion boards and trying to find time for life and the gym, it will seem bizarre to not have so much on my plate during the nights and weekends.  The weight of that responsibility being gone will have me feeling a million times lighter.

Making the commitment to gym up in the morning has helped even though it means I don’t stay up too late at night anymore.  I feel so much more pumped and charged for the day when I get a lifting routing and some light cardio before most people rise.  I am starting to identify the morning regulars, and they are all such a pleasant bunch.  Not quite like the poopers on the roadway on my way to work.  I am even getting used to showering more away from home rather than in my own home.  It is almost like it is becoming a routine LOL!

However, I don’t like to leave my boyfriend without a gym buddy, so I am trying to double it up some days to 2 times and work different muscle groups.  Eventually, I would like to get into some of the classes they offer there, but that will come with time.

Last night, I had a blast hosting a G+ hang-out for a photo critique group too.  I have been participating in the group since the beginning, and as I have evolved, I was asked to help with some of the hosting duties, which was a big honor.  With school almost done, I can foresee helping with more of them in the coming months.  I feel like we all get a friendly and helpful environment to not only share our work, but get more feedback on it beyond a simple plus or “That’s great!” comment.  Those are well and good, but to grow and evolve, you have to be able to see it from the point of a viewer sometimes, and ideas you never had before emerge, and you become a better artist.

The best part is that everyone involved in the process gets it and we all work together.  We get a chance to social with people from all over and gain insights on other cultures and personalities.  For me, that is how I want my social media experience to be.  I am not in it for interweb fame or notoriety; I am in it to observe, explore, and meet new people.  In the end, if I learn something new, then I feel I have succeeded.  Last night, I even picked up a few pointers from a participant, and saw a few new perspectives on a theme, which made it so worth it.  The laughs were just the calorie-free icing on the completely healthy cake!

Speaking of looking for time and freedom – I have been neglecting my hair!!!

I know that with the ombre look, it is supposed to be low maintenance, but the gray factor has increased since the last time I let them grow out enough to the point I could see it!  That is something I have on the schedule for this weekend, for sure.

Well, it is time to get back into the cage of responsibilities for the next 5 hours before the sweet release of the weekend arrives…

Until next time,

Namaste! ♥


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