It's a New Dawn. It's a New Day. It's a New Life….

And, I’m feeling good!

Yup, that’s right, I am feeling good this morning. =)

Yesterday, I had an amazing lady help me make up my mind to do something I really needed to do anyway, and it felt right.  You know when you KNOW you need to do something, but when someone helps you reinforce the ideal, you just feel so much better about it?  Yeah, I had that kind of moment.

This morning, I got up and wasn’t worried about what trolls and miscreants would be ogling over my words because the people I know who would be reading are people who actually want to know what is on my mind – no matter how really, real or unconventional they may be.  You would not believe how uplifting it can be.  I was actually whistling the Nina Simone/Muse reboot (depending on which floats your boat) song “Feeling Good” as I prepared my morning infused waters and juice for the day.

I even feel much better about the fact that my boss put in her notice yesterday too.  I had planned to be the first one to jump ship, but it didn’t work out that way and I have made my peace with it.  I still have until July 31st to find a new job where I can be challenged and appreciated for my efforts.  Currently, I am kind of left to my own devices in my little office with a window.  No one bothers me and no one really talks to me, so if I did leave, it wouldn’t be much different than it is now, except the butt ton of work I do will fall to someone else who will not do it as efficiently as I do it now.  However, since I wouldn’t be here, then it really wouldn’t be my problem, now would it?

I used to think that I HAD to be a loyal employee because that is what good people do.  You work hard, you put in your time, and eventually you are rewarded for that, but it just isn’t the case at this company, and I have reached my limit.  Sadly, I have to line something else up because I am, with all my responsibilities to my family and my lifestyle, locked up in golden handcuffs at the moment.  The good news about that is I know it and I also know I will eventually find the key to unlock them and get free.

I also know my job so well that I could do it in my sleep while running through an Indiana Jones style booby trap filled maze.  Yeah, eight years would have that effect on anyone in my field heehee.

So, what is going to go down with the blog now that it is privatized?

Well, I am going to share more.

Share more of what?

I plan to share more candid perspectives, more fit recipes, a myriad of crazy exploits, and quite frankly, whatever then hell pops in my head!

So, for anyone new to my writings, I hope you enjoy and to anyone who has frequented this blog before, I hope to keep things interesting for you as well!

Until a few moments from now when I write about what I really had on my mind this morning….

Namaste ♥


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