I’m An Addict

If I were to be front and center at an addiction meeting, it would sound something similar to:

“Hello, my name is Jaded Pixels and I am an addict.”

But, what is my addiction you may ask.  That is pretty simple (especially if you look at the image above).  I am addicted to being in the gym.  Even if it is just running for cardio or seriously hitting the weights, I really love the feeling in my brain and in my body when I am there and when I leave.

It is a bit like the first verse of the K’s Choice song:

Breathe it in and breathe it out
And pass it on, it’s almost out
We’re so creative, so much more
We’re high above but on the floor
It’s not a habit, it’s cool, I feel alive
If you don’t have it you’re on the other side


While the song is actually referring to being high on drugs and the very serious problem of drug addiction, being at the gym is a very real high for those that are dedicated to improving their health and loving your body enough to take care of it in the best way possible.

As a fairly competitive athlete in my youth, I remember this feeling of an endorphin as it comes flooding back to me, and I like it.  Even on Saturday, when I pushed my weight training harder with more weight and less reps in 3 sets, I was the good sore.  I took Sunday as my rest, and when I went back to the gym TWICE on Monday, I kicked butt with cardio in one visit, and then rocked out the core, arms, chest, and back with the boys during my second visit, but I did not wake up sore this morning.  That is what I call forward moving progress.

Today was a bit of restorative yoga in the morning to help bend and stretch all those tight muscles, and tonight will be a leg-centric weight work-out.  That is honestly my trouble area since becoming a mom.  It is like all the fat cells decided to pool in the child bearing hips LOL!  No matter, though.  I will whip them into shape soon enough.

So, between the clean eating and the hard, addictive work I have been putting in at the gym and at home, I barely even noticed that it has been 3 weeks for the gym.  It is like it just flew by.  Perhaps in the state of endorphin euphoria, it just blissfully passed by.  Regardless, I am noticing the small changes that are going on with me like my mood is improving more and more, and my body has begun to see small transformations as well.  They aren’t yo-yo diet extreme, which means that they will likely take hold and keep up because this isn’t about the sprint, it is about the marathon to a healthy lifestyle.

That is why I am staying addicted to this one and not going to meets.  I mean, you only have a problem if you go to the meetings, right?!?!? ^.~

Well, time for me to get the day going at work and time to make the best of each moment, while in the moment…

Until next time,

Namaste! ♥


2 thoughts on “I’m An Addict

  1. Rachael Alexandra says:

    More power to you, I have a physical job and do a lot of outdoors stuff, no gym ( not my thing ) I get the need to be moving though, I need to exhaust myself so I can actually sleep at night. Excess physical energy makes my mind a little wonky. Not a health nut myself but, I'm glad it's working out for you 🙂


  2. Jaded Pixels says:

    I have a very, sit on your duff for 10 hours a day job and try not to crawl up the walls waiting to get out kind of environment, so the gym helps me tune out everything that is driving me bonkers, making me go to the toxic places I dread, and it helps me feel better for making a change in myself.

    Thanks for the encouragement! =D


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