Today Is Today

This is going to be brief because I still have a small amount of homework left to cull through, but I did want to talk about how my healthy changes don’t really go hand-in-hand with going out on the town.  It is odd, but I love a nice glass of wine with dinner, or a fruit infused cocktail while hanging with friends, and even the occasional cold beer on a warm summer day, but since I started eating clean, the booze and the healthy choices kind of make a perfect storm-like collision inside my anatomy.

Surprisingly, the healthy eating part really helps with the day after because I felt fairly magical when I woke up despite really needing to pee lol!  Honestly, I think I was more sore from my butt kicking arms work out than I was anything else.

After doing a bit of digging, I found that for the results I want, I really need to add 3 days of muscle training to my regimen.  Not just any lifting or pressing either, it is heavy weights with 3-6 reps and 2-3 sets of each.  I implemented that yesterday so yeah, the arms back and chest (the muscle groups I was focusing) are a bit tight; however, yoga and cardio is on the menu today along with some good fruit and veggie detox mixes.

As soon as I finish this last assignment…

So, on that note, I am off to get my stuff done and enjoy the rest of my holiday!

Namaste! ♥


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