It's What I Do

I am beginning to feel like “me” again, and I thought I would briefly share part of a discussion I had the other day with someone who asked what I was doing with all my changes recently and why I was sharing them.  To them I basically explained it in this way:

Why I share images of healthy eating, talk about my exercise and yoga practice, and most importantly, why I share the things I have on my mind – well, it is simple.  I am sharing these things so that I stay on track physically and mentally.  I want to stay in the green zone of positivity and avoid that dark place or the place that you go to when you think doing a healthy snack or making it to the gym seems to hard.  If I chronicle it, I can’t be tempted to back out or not do it.  If I photograph it, I can prove to myself that I really did accomplish it.

There is no way to embellish the truth because the facts are right in front of me and subsequently in front of you as well.  There is no need to posture or fib because that would only be a disservice to myself.  I am doing this also to inspire people.  I am just a normal, everyday chick who has gone from a size 16 to a size 6 to a size 12 and to a size 10 throughout my adulthood so I know what it is like to hate the mirror or the scale at times, but I also know that if I can do this – make changes in my life – then anyone can do it.

Being truthful to yourself is not only a good way to be, it helps promote an overall healthy lifestyle.  Too many times, especially in the online realm, I see so many people who fib to be cool or put others down and play a victim to gain sympathy in a lonely war of their own making, but there just isn’t enough time in the day for me to want to play along.  I have a much better place to exert energy and that is by transforming my mind and my body into my healthy temple.

I think of my chronicles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogger and even G+ as a way to keep myself honest in the sense of promoting health and well-being, but also a way to really be aware of some of the negative habits I prefer to break like bad inner dialoging, snacking without being hungry, going the easy route and sitting on my duff, and all those other things that keep me from being energetic and happy.

With that said, it is time for me to break away from this magic box for today and go spend a wonderful holiday weekend Saturday with the boyfriend out in the really, real world!

Namaste! ♥


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