Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better!

Hahaahaa, so over this weekend, I had the titled statement playing over and over in my head.  It is the naturally competitive instinct I have always had when I played sports, and I tend to do it with myself at the gym, as well as many other places, these days too.  If I ran 4 miles one day, then the next day I need to run 5 miles or I need to do 3 miles but on a harder intensity.  It is my own way to push myself farther and strive to get better; not unlike Gai Sensei or Rock Lee from Naruto, or this quote:

“The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.”

The only way we can evolve or get better is to want to do it, and make a change to stick with it.  Then, you have to push yourself.  I might have pushed myself a bit too hard on the arm workout as they are a bit swollen from the work, but I will rest them and continue with other muscle groups while they mend.

Over the weekend, between resting (barely) and getting homework done, I prepped and prepared wonderful seafood feasts to go with the gorgeous weather we are having here in Florida.  I don’t generally talk much about my cooking in my writings, but since it was a good Saturday and Sunday for food, I will briefly mention the menus (sans the recipes since I don’t do recipe writing unless asked).  On Saturday, there was Lemon Vinaigrette Grilled Tuna Steaks with Garlic Potatoes and Steamed Broccoli followed by a Vegan Citrus Cake topped with Candied Orange Slices.  It was so clean, but decadent at the same time.  As a little mini appetizer for the family, I also made crab stuffed eggs for them to munch on while I had super awesome melon cubes.

On Sunday, I made Tuscan Herb Lobster Tails along with a Spicy Ginger Jalapeno Coconut Shrimp served on Jasmine Rice with a Pineapple Melon Salsa.  I was the only one to eat the salsa, but with my boyfriend’s GERD issues, I wasn’t expecting him to hop on that train either.

I also like to use Sunday as my food prep days because I really run out of time with my busy yoga, gym, school work, “work” work, and family time so I get some juices frozen, fridged, or take them with me on Mondays, I get meals sorted out, and I get the snacks set for me and the munchkin as well.  This way, I have more time in the morning to slow my pace and methodically go through my routine.

This has been a long learning process, but I have found that when I used to race through the house like a bat out of hell trying to make lunches, brush my hair, take a shower, get dressed, get breakfast and a million other things, not only was I frazzled before I even made it to my car, I was also more likely to forget something I was going to wish I had brought with me.

Again, anything I did before, I know I can do better. I just have to think about it, what I want it to be like, and then strive to make it part of my daily reality.

I get like that, even with my art.  I don’t want to produce things if I think they are sub par from my normal standards.  I fully research, reference, and review my concepts before I begin.  In addition, I even try test shots for lighting and positioning before I even get the make-up or costuming set.  I do this so that I have a handle on what I want and how I can achieve it.  Sometimes, I even scrap the initial set-up if I think it will look better in a different way than I initially started out.  I do this because I do not think there is truly an “original” way to do things anymore.  There will always be a unique twist from personal style, but we aren’t reinventing or inventing the wheel.  After watching way too much of the show “Cosmos”, I am really in doubt that there is much left in the universe, with our current technology, that would be new to find.

Don’t get me wrong, I think there is still an obscene amount of things to discover, but I just don’t think we can discover them at this point.  It isn’t as simple as going outside and looking up at the stars and hypothesizing or speculating about them, we are now at a point where we can look at atoms and comprehend beyond the lights of the milky way, so I leave that kind of science to the professionals!

However, I digress…

My point was pretty simple though.  We may stand differently, mix and match make-up and costumes found from different concepts and sources, use one light instead of two, but we will always mimic concepts created before us based on what we like to see and how we wish to experiment.  It is not unlike having a child’s toy box full of dress up clothes and random toys/props.  I may walk over and pull out “x, y, and z” to create a look, and you may walk over from the same box and pull out “a, b, and z” for a completely different look.  We found the same things in the same place, but we were drawn to different objects based on personal style and preference.  Does that mean one will be better than the other?  Nope.  Does it mean that it is completely original? Nope.  Does it mean it won’t be awesome and creative? Nope.  It just means that we created art influenced by our own personal reasoning.

It isn’t rocket science or brain surgery, it is purely creativity.

So, when I say that I don’t want to create things because I feel like I won’t create something better than I created the day before, it simply means that if my head and heart aren’t in the game, then I don’t want to play.  I want to go cook a giant feast of seafood, practice my yoga, or color my hair – basically, I want to do anything that allows me to tune out and recharge so that the next work I create will be better than the one from before.

Now, here I am, I have arrived to Monday and my arms are at about 90 percent, I have done a morning warm-up yoga routine, meditation, had breakfast, got a munchkin and myself prepared for work/school, got to work, cleared out my inbox, and helped make the morning brew in the break room for everyone else; all this before 9:00 AM.

Even with a few bumps and unexpected hurdles of the morning, I am still charged and ready for the week.  I challenge you all as I head back into the really real world to do what you do, but try to do it better and help to make the world a more beautiful place!

Don’t let anyone’s negativity for Monday or anything else bring you down….

Namaste! ♥


2 thoughts on “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better!

  1. Rachael Alexandra says:

    I have about 0 competitive impulse. Never have. Being competitive evokes too much stress for me and i get I'll sometimes both mentally and physically. I have vary frenetic energy naturally I must temper with calm stability.


  2. Jaded Pixels says:

    I have to agree that competition when I am not into it, is highly unpleasant. I tried my damnedest to get into the Scavenger Hunts on G+ a while back and just didn't have the stomach for it. You had people who spent ridiculous amounts of time crafting scenes and you had novice photographers, which seemed unbalanced to throw together into competition. At least give me the illusion of a fair fight LOL.

    I prefer to work on myself more than I want to compete with the world, though.

    When I work on myself, I don't feel like there is a deadline to perfection, but rather a go at your own pace measure that goes as fast or as slow as you want it to.


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