Almost The End of the In-Between

Whoa… What a weekend!  I rather enjoyed it, but damn, I really left little time for being lazy, that is for sure.  Friday was full of dropping the munchkin off to school, getting a yummy and nutritious breakfast, going to the gym, going back home to prepare for my top secret “secret” stuff, getting done with that, getting dinner, going back to the gym and then trying to unwind enough to get some sleep for the event filled Saturday!

Saturday came, after very little sleep, we got up early to go to the beach to enjoy a little homework photo taking, SSP making, yoga and meditation practicing, walking, and whatnot until we decided to hunt down some breakfast and head home.  We didn’t stay home too long before we headed to the gym – just to find out my trainer had an emergency and left – but, we made the most of it and rocked out legs, abs, and some cardio on the elliptical before racing to grab some dinner, a shower, and head out to Howl Tattoo/Gallery for some long awaited work on my Delirium tattoo.  After 3 hours of relining the whole piece (word tot he wise, don’t let a year pass between sitting if you want to avoid relining) and finishing the hair completely, the back portion is nearly complete.  Once more sitting should cover it, and then we will be on to the half sleeve part.

After I was all salved, packed and taped up, I headed home with my boyfriend to get some well deserved rest and sleepytime before the Mother’s Day festivities on Sunday.

Mother’s Day was a bit tumultuous at the start because there was a lot of waiting around and then rushing to do other household things, but once we got gathered, my munchkin got to the house and I finished submitting my homework, it turned into a great day.  We went and saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in the theatre and then we went out to dinner after.  Once we got home, there was a little laundry folding, but the rest of the night was my reward – total, lay in bed resting the whole night!

The good news, after this crazy ass weekend, is that the in-between is nearly over; for the good or for the bad, it has finally run its course.  This week is all about getting that breather in, finishing up my “actionable” items before any changes truly happen.
I checked off the things I had on my list, and there are just one or two left, which means I am right on track.
I am so grateful for this in-between time, even if it has been a little maddening to the instant gratification side of my persona.  I am learning from this that I have a good resolve for the unknown.  I think after wanting to see some change in my life – on multiple fronts – and since I have stepped up and started making them happen, I have become more fundamentally happy with how my life is shaping up and working out.
Sure I have had some troubling times and I have made my own choices, but I think I have learned, I have grown, I am forever evolving and teaching myself to leave the bad parts where they lie – in the past.  Even when the past chooses to try to make a mockery of itself and me, I leave it on the ground or in the gutter where it belongs.  Life is just too short to get sucked into stupid things – exhausting things – and when I have to be confronted with it, I just ignore it in a healthy way.
The best way to overcome any demons or difficult situations is to acknowledge it exists and then walk away.  You relinquish control over your own happiness when you give it too much thought or emotions – so the best medicine is to put it all on a visualized cloud when you meditate and watch it sail off into oblivion or the universe or wherever it needs to go to not effect your existence.
This has helped me maintain a healthy heart and mind these last few months and improved my overall outlook and lifestyle changes.  I couldn’t be happier and more excited for all the potential changes on the horizon!
I wish you all a great week and I hope to have more exciting news in a few days! ♥
Until then, namaste!


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