Busy Like A Bee

This is going to be a busy rest of the week for me and I may not have a lot of interweb time so I thought I might contribute while I had some down time.

I know I had a whole lot to say yesterday, so I thought I might keep this one mildly brief, but an update and an exercise in keeping the writing up seemed like a good idea.
Today was a mix of frustrations and happy news.  The frustrations aren’t really worth mentioning, but the joyous news is.
The boyfriend got his raise and became a permanent fixture to the team!  The really love his work ethic.  I know this was tremendous boost to his confidence and his jury to get out of his introverted shell.  If there is one thing I do truly believe and that is people can change – if they want to.  It is clear that he wants to as well.  
It totally reminds me of when I thought I was such a shut in and introvert.  Clearly, I thought that I could never be anything but an introvert, but after years of baby steps and sometimes enormous leaps outside my comfort zone, I became a regular social (and social media) butterfly.
Fundamentally, people are just people.  Some good, some bad, but we are all just people.
So, tomorrow is going to be the first in the week of big things.  I can’t elaborate on it much more at the moment, but once the meeting I have is over, then I am off to the house to get my hang-out on the air and do some critiquing with a few of my fellow photographers.  I really do love helping with the Get Critiqued community.  I have been a part of it since the beginning and only missed a few monthly projects because of school along the way.
I find them to be quite encouraging and they will help build confidence while allowing you to gain different perspectives from others in the group.  I am so glad my friend Christina asked me to help out.
I have a session on Wednesday and on Friday.
Thursday, I have another big, important meeting, and I am hoping by then, I can share some of this potentially big news!

Then, I have some homework and family/kid time, plus I have another shoot that I would love to get to if I have time or energy.  I am tossing around the idea of joining the boyfriend’s gym, but I need to ponder over this for the time being since there might be some changes in the pipeline.

Anywho, that about sums up my crazy life at the moment….

If I don’t have a chance to touch base before next week, I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Busy Like A Bee

  1. Rachael Alexandra says:

    Comment eaten. I'm more extroverted than a may appear. I just reeeeeaally hate typing. I can yap for hours on a phone/hangout. I'm even more of a yapper on chat despite my dislike of typing. Ive never truly enjoyed forum like posting. I prefer a flowing conversation than static comments. We make due with What we have though. I'm surprisingly ambiverted in person but I don't fit d extoversion rewarding, usually it means rejection at least 80% if the time. Too many years if it, stopped handing it well 20 years into living lol


  2. Jaded Pixels says:

    Hahaahaa I have become less and less fond of typing over the years, but sometimes it gives me time to think about how I want to craft my words. In my current job, I have learned that wordsmithing is an important tool to have. I do love talking though. In the right settings, of course. Even public speaking doesn't bother me in the slightest as long as I know what I should be addressing.

    It is interesting that you brought up ambiversion. I am very ambiverted. You may actually enjoy listening to a guy named Dan Pink, whom I had the pleasure of hearing speak at a convention in Chicago last year. Between him and Sir Ken Robinson, they can put a pep in anyone's sluggish step.

    What I find interesting is that on paper, I seem very technical because of my skillsets, so when I go for a job interview or something, they assume that I am going to be “all business”, but once we sit down and start talking, they realize I am a bit of a mixed bag. Where the issue comes in happens when I apply to creative positions. They do not assume there is a creative bone in my body.

    I finally sat down and created an awesomely creative resume to help with this. I hate that it doesn't hold a long, drawn out list of accomplishments, but it does showcase my creativity and bullet point my history.

    I don't really have too bad of an issue with rejection these days, in general, but I have to admit, I do not always take it well. It is the curse of being an overachiever. I have learned, over time, that sometimes it isn't me that is failing because of a rejection, but rather it is someone else who is losing out on what I have to offer for their own reasons. That helps me to move on quickly.

    Have a great day! =D


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