Life Is A Melting Pot

I honestly believe that life can be a bit like a melting pot at times.  It is comprised of happiness, sadness, trials, tribulations, joy, laughter, love and so much more.  All that stuff is melted and melded together in the pot we call our existence and each moment is precious and unique to ourselves.  Sure, we can have similar interests and passions, but how we feel, react, and maneuver through it all is unique to us since we are one in a in the world.

As such, I enjoy writing here when I am moved to do so, but last week was so crazy, I missed out.  Getting up early, taking care of my responsibilities, preparing for meetings, addressing the mounds of homework that was due, and trying to play catch-up on things that weren’t even late had me feeling a bit out of sorts.

It is odd how your week can start out on the wrong foot and seems to stay that way until you find a way to change it all around.  Last week was one of THOSE weeks.

I got up Monday and had everything planned; it all went awry.  My kid wasn’t up on time on the days I had to get her to school, the boyfriend’s hours kept getting switched around and we had to compensate, shaking the tired feeling was impossible, and trying to get a good night’s rest was practically a tragedy.  Preparing any kind of food became a taxing chore, simple tasks seemed like mountain treks, and I am pretty sure the redesign on my homework was the sticking point in my motivation for that stuff as well.

Somehow, by Friday, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, cleared my mind, and began to take each piece one at a time.  By the end of Friday, I had my work caught up, my bills and other paperwork taken care of, my Selfy Sunday image shot and processed, and the boyfriend was on his way home with dinner so we could enjoy the weekend together.

It felt good…

I felt like I was back to being my normally mellow and composed self again.

The boyfriend and I went to the gym on Saturday and rocked it; then we went to a nice dinner out.  On Sunday, we played it chill and went to see Captain America: Winter Soldier and then got gourmet pizza while we were out.  Oddly, I was tired, but not fully able to zonk tight out when I got in bed.  I did, however, make it to sleepy land before midnight, which was a bonus.

The only problem with this morning was that my phone/alarm died and I woke up late and had to rush to get ready.  With this week, I am not letting that small speed bump dictate my week.  In the fourth week of school, I am already done with most all of my work, which will mean that I will have another week to work on my own personal projects and embrace the mommy/daughter time I will have with my wonderful munchkin.

Now that I am caught up to the present, I am going to close out this posting and start another one that is about a completely unrelated topic!


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