Time Flies When You Reach Your Calm

First of all, I can’t believe it has been a whole week since I wrote a posting/entry.  I guess that means that the real world was really quite engaging!

I did want to write in sooner, but I had some pretty wicked vertigo spells that hindered me from functioning beyond quiet work from home or meditative yoga when I wasn’t feeling so spinny.  The worst part about a really bad attack is that it can make other things flare up when they happen.  For example, on the 2nd day of crazy, allergy-induced vertigo (due to the fluids that build up when even the allergy meds can’t block), I became afflicted with migraines.

Let me tell you, it is like having the world’s worst hangover and drunk spiral at the same time.  Oh, and never even tasting a drop of alcohol.  perhaps it is punishment for such a capricious youth, I don’t know.  All joking aside, I try to just get through it, and then move on.  There is no sense in letting it get me down or ruin my motivation for doing things.

Heck, within 72 hours of surgery last year, I was up creating a selfy for a project because I wasn’t going to let surgery come between me and my creativity.

I digress…

As a bit of a catch up from last week, the boyfriend is loving the new job and seriously kicking some butt.  The supervisors give him accolades and praise, which is much deserved.  If they need someone, he is there to help.  He understands how to be a hard worker and do what is needed.  He is even happier than he was when he first moved here.  We are actually kind of shaping up into a family mold nicely.  We spend more quality time together rather than quantity time.  it is nice.

With his new schedule, though, we have had to flip around our kid duty schedules some, but we are adjusting and making it work as well.

The work situation for me is in a weird flux, but I am keeping my chin up, keeping my options open (which is smart to do whether you are in a good professional place or less favorable), and doing my job without being on anyone’s radar.  It is interesting how that old PSA poster of a kitten in a spaghetti pan with noodles and sauce all over it comes to mind.  The poster read, “No one notices when I do everything right, but when I do something wrong, everyone knows.”  I am under the radar because I keep the ship tight and after nearly 8 years, I don’t let much, if anything, go wrong because I anticipate with a wide net.  I am even shrugging off the inconveniences that are put on me because in the end, work is not my life.


During these last two weeks off from school, I rode my bike more, began really seriously getting into my yoga and meditation to help work through the difficulties and now, I think I prefer to hit up my yoga mat when I do not have at least 30 “outside and away from the house” minutes to get a 5-7 mile ride in.

When things start to feel tough, “this too shall pass” is what I say.  I am trying to keep a fairly zen state of being in my mind because I feel healthier for it.

Outside of work, I have found that unplugging myself from the computer has helped a whole lot in my mental state of being.  I still love to design, take pictures and such, but I am finding my balance between being so engaged in the magic box and going out and doing things.  I have cut that proverbial umbilical cord so that I can go enjoy life and then, when I have time, plug back in.

Before, it used to be “plug in”, and then find time for things after that.  It was beginning to feel unhealthy.  Not just unhealthy mentally, but also physically.  I already sit for hours on end at work, so it was taxing on my body (in a spine compression and lack of mobility way).  There is definitely a correlation between mental and physical well-being and I was finding my limits with both.

One of the aspects that was mentally toxic for me was it was keeping me tethered to dramatic people and their shenanigans, which I have worked very hard to forgive them for.  In essence, being online was almost like an added reminder that I didn’t need as some other real life issues were piling on.

Now, I feel like I am finding my center.

I am able to hone in on what I find important, latch on to it, and make it the priority.  My health, my happiness, being in the present moment, and feeling joy in the interactions with my family is top priority.

Well, there are also a few internet ladies and gents that I would make exceptions for as well! =D

On to this past weekend, as I ramped up for my final term of school, me and the munchkin went to see Divergent as a way to celebrate the fact that she read all the books before it opened (in less than one week) during spring break.  I kicked it up a notch with my yoga poses and finally made it into a proper “Wheel”.  I almost cried tears of joy as I had not done anything that bendy around my shoulder space since I had a pretty major injury to it years ago.

All-in-all, life is being lifey, and I am moving with it like a vinyasa.

There isn’t anything I am particularly unhappy with and I am pretty much living in my calm; when I feel like I am losing it, I go into a quick meditation and let it just melt away.

I am working on gratitude these days.  Things in the present moment I am grateful for and this blog, any readers, and my network of friends are right up there and I ♥ you all for that!

Well, back to life!

Namaste! ♥


2 thoughts on “Time Flies When You Reach Your Calm

  1. Jaded Pixels says:


    I know how that goes. The first time I went to reply to you from my phone, it didn't post and I was so disheartened. I think I ended up giving you more of a “modified” response heh.

    I am glad to know their are others reading and listening. Sometimes I can be sage and sometimes I can just be full of venting BS, but I will promise to give you a glimpse of what goes on inside my head and it will be one heck of a ride! ♥


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