Be Mindful of The Signs

Yesterday, also known as Thursday, I was open and aware of many potential signs that the universe may choose to show me.  One very clear one was the option to pick up healthcare for April 1st.  To back pedal slightly, in December, we were given the option for some really terrible insurance coverage at a really crappy deduction and I opted out.  Now that we are being absorbed by a new company, we had a benefits meeting that proved to be most informative since the insurance coverage was a better deal at about the same price.  I, of course opted in.

Last year, when I had to have surgery, I knew it was a gamble to go without, but I had been tucking the amount I would pay for healthcare into an account for any emergencies, but now, I can keep that money for another rainy day emergency should it pop up.

I had also thought about investing that money into a new pair of glasses since I am a bit overdue on the check-up thing.  Plus, I have dropped these poor specs on more than one occasion or plopped much hair color all over the frames.

In other news, my life is going pretty awesome and I am finally able to breathe a little when it comes to home life and the stresses of living.  I am knocking on wood as we speak, but it seems like after 2.5 years, we have finally found a rhythm and pace for the future we are building as a family and that makes me glad.

Last night, we did a little breakfast for dinner deal and we ALL helped prepare it.  I was on pancake patrol because I make some awesomesauce pancakes, but the man and the child were enjoying the making of bacon and eggs.  The coolest part was that my boyfriend was teaching my spawn how to make the bacon and eggs while letting her cook them.  We were also jamming out and singing to Slacker radio.  It was the most family fun we had since the Orlando birthday trip a few weeks ago.

Today, we got the shopping done for the week and then rode nearly 10 miles on the bikes.  Even with the ridiculously bad wind gusts hindering some of our momentum, we did the round trip in about an hour, not counting the stop off for delicious subs at Firehouse and a quick trip into Target to get some more active wear for his work and for my leisure look outside of jeans and licensed tees.

Tomorrow, depending on the weather, we are considering our 20 mile ride, but if the weather blows, meaning storms and heavy winds, I might just work on a photographic project to challenge my little artistic skills.  Either way, I am keeping myself open and available to all the signs the universal may be trying to stick in my face, avoid being roped into any dramatic events or people’s ridiculous attempts to bait me into feuds or exhausting neediness for attention in whatever negative means necessary, and keep riding this train into the future with my loved ones and family.

Well, time for me and the little miss (my pit mix girl Tenshi) to hop off this computer chair that we are sharing (yes, she sleeps behind me when she is ready for bed and I am not) to retire for the night and prepare for whatever the really real world has in store for us tomorrow!

Until next time…


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