Who The Heck Decided To Throw A Wrench In My Day?

Yesterday was probably one of the most ridiculous and unnecessary days ever.  Okay, maybe not “of all time” kind of ever, but definitely in a while and hopefully not for at least a few more years will that kind of day return.  I would like a slight reprieve. 

It started out like any other day, wake up, get ready, crawl into work, infuse self with coffee, and start my day, however, it did not work out as such.  First, I got most all of my work caught up and prepared for the newest term launching today, but ran into a few batch API issues that I cannot discern if they are coming from one system platform or another.  Too much turn around and a lack of knowledge transfer to be sure.

All that aside, the day was trudging along.

Just after I finished my wrap and opened up my tea, I get a call from my daughter’s school.  Normally, it is something like the nurse letting me know that my accident prone child got a scrape or a bruise, but this was a different recorded message.  It went a little something like this:

“Parents, we have detected a strange odor in the school and we are evacuating the students and need you to pick them up immediately.”

I packed myself up so fast and scurried down to my car.  I whipped out of here so fast, I actually left my fresh tea sitting in my office – whoops.  Once in the car, I shot over just to get stuck in over an hour’s worth of parents trying to do the same thing I did. 

Now, here is where my head nearly exploded.  I finally get to the line where you announce your child’s name and they locate your child and release them to your care.  I had 3-4 different people come by and say, “who are you waiting for again?”

I began to get a little nervous from this.  Finally, a woman said, “She wouldn’t get on a bus, would she?”, and I said “no”.  I mentioned that her normal routine is to go to Tae Kwon Do, and that is when the woman goes, “Oh, they already came and picked up the kids”.

Yup, you guessed it, my head began to explode and implode at the same time.  Why would you not, in the recorded message, say that if your child normally has alternative transport, they have been contacted and are picking up your kid?!?!?!  One extra sentence and my day would have been just fine.

I was somewhere in the middle of ripping the lady’s head off and bursting into tears as I pulled away.  Luckily, she was close and I headed over to pick her up.  Once I got her in the car, I was informed that some middle-schooler decided to release pepper spray in the boy’s bathroom and the air system carried throughout the school.

I hope that kid is kicked from school for endangering the wellbeing of those other kids.  it may seem harsh, but I don’t want someone like that near my kid, that is for sure.  Nothing scarier than a pissed off Momma Bear.  That is about as certain as death and taxes!

As a bit of a reward and a way to find my calm again, we made a short detour to Menchie’s for some fro-yo…  This made me glad.  Actually, having a lactose pill was what made me really happy so I could partake in the yummy treat.  They had the most amazing key lime pie mix with graham cracker – I was in heaven.  It has helped lower the old blood pressure too.  I topped mine off with some almonds, coconut shred, and just a couple mochi drops for a little texture.  The munchkin was all about the Reese’s PB Cup stuff with a waffle cup.

After this pause for enlightenment (or not so healthy goodies), we headed home so I could get back to work (from home).

Once settled, I got back to work, she opened up the house because the weather was fantastic, and played with the puppies.  I only had a few minor work annoyances that required my full attention and I did my best not to let the previous negative mood from the day affect how I handed the work issues.  After that, I grilled the most delicious pork loin chops on the grill, made steamed broccoli and mashed taters, and drank the last of my Italian Pinot Grigio!

I knew I was going to have a bit of a stressful Thursday and that kept me from being able to fall to sleep, but somehow, I still got up with a decent attitude this morning – even though I did have to turn around to pick up something I forgot and also locked myself out of my office after going to grab some coffee in my ninja mug.

Regardless of that little absentmindedness, it has not been too bad.  Maybe I am on an upswing and maybe I am not.  The only thing I can be certain about is that my day can only be what I make it and I am choosing to giggle off the mental slowness and get on with it!

Well, time to get back to the world – I may have more to report for the day or I may not; being part of the really real world is just a reminder that “shit happens” and how we adapt is the key!

Cheerio for now! ♥


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