It's Almost Like A Kit-Kat Break

Well, I did the math a little while ago, and while most of my final projects are not fully graded, it appears that I will have A’s for the term.  Now I can breathe a momentary sigh and take a much deserved “Kit-Kat” break before going into my final term full of a whopping 4 courses.

Pray for me, lol.

During this break, I am going to fully utilize the time to recharge, get back on the cycle (bicycle, that is), and clear the brain of all things stressing before going neck deep into the fray of the final term.  My boyfriend is always laughing when I say I am going to do a mediocre job on my classwork because the overachiever in me never lets me get away with it.  However, I will admit to having a teensy case of senior-itis at the moment, which is keeping me from wanting to break my neck for A’s in my final term.  I am pretty sure it will change the minute my first assignment hits my screen.

In other news, it is so very dreary outside today.  Clearly, it is not a “sunshine state” kind of day.  It is not helping my sleep deprived mind from functioning on all cylinders either.  Last night, a few houses down, these very inconsiderate people (I don’t think I can call them neighbors because that seems like a friendly label) decided to blare the most inappropriate music until after 11PM at night.  Sure, I could have called the police, but it wouldn’t have done any good, I was already pissy from not being able to fall asleep with it going on, so my brain went to a place half Dexter and half Ally McBeal where I was imagining all the things that I would prefer to be doing to “exact my revenge” for this atrocity to my sleep schedule when I realized that it was shut off.

I always find it funny (yes, I find humor in my own over-exaggerations of frustration) that the smallest things can set us off.  For me, I can take some figurative punches and they can roll right off, but do something like mess with a tired, PMS’ing lady’s sleep schedule before she has to cart herself off to work and BAM, you are getting cement sneakers and going in the ditch behind the house LOL!

Even looking back on the is blog, while updating it yesterday, I found it an odd mix of wise words, silly anecdotes, overcoming obstacles, and even overtly dramatic musings about things I get indignant about.  Honestly, I have become somewhat more mellow in some regards, but in the end, that is basically me.  I can be sage when it is so necessary and I can be a total 12 year old in other regards like humor.  being a mixed bag helps me stay young (at heart), I think.

The contrast is quite amazing when I even read between this blog and my photography/art website too.  It is like the two sides of my brain fight for control.  Both require me to use my creative side to write or design, but I have found I am much more relaxed with my expressions here and am much more serious in other venues.

For example, I looked at all the crazy meme-like posts of this page and that of my earlier Facebook usage.  I was being goofy and having fun.  Sure, I was a little absurd at times, but it was lighthearted and warm (mostly).  The term “all in good fun” comes to mind when I see it, but now I look at how I use social media and it is almost more of a business transaction in comparison.

Sure, I am still goofy and emotive and passionate, especially for my art, but there is very little that is left that is for pure shits and giggles like before.  I think that is why it has become so important for me to revive this blog where it has absolutely nothing to do with anything other than what is going on between my ears and NOTHING to do with my artwork.

That is not to say that there may come a time where there is a little cross over, but for the most part, I want to keep it separate.  I have goals and structure that I have built in that SM empire, but this to me is more grass roots and indie by comparison.  It isn’t going to grab me a million followers and that is cool with me because it isn’t about luring in the general consumers, it is a place for me to write, and you to listen if you want.  Hell, I am even down for comments and witty repartee.  

This is a relaxed forum to speak my mind and I encourage you to speak yours.  Though, if you try to be a trolling pile of excrement, I can and will “strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger” (In my best Sam Jackson voice) heehee!

So, I was considering changing gears within this post to talk about something else, but after having a minute to think about it, I think I will keep the sage words to a separate post.

For now, until them, I bid you a wondrous afternoon! =D


2 thoughts on “It's Almost Like A Kit-Kat Break

  1. Rachael Alexandra says:

    I personally like the idea of this blog. I kind of tire of the one sided serious artface stuff. Not yours in specific (even mine grates on me) either. It's just what I am exposed to. I like it when the fur flies and the hair gets let down, it gives me implied freedom to let down my own a little.


  2. Jaded Pixels says:

    Rachael, I am glad that you do and I take no offense to the exhaustion of the artface blogs. Even I tire of looking at my own LOL! Sometimes, though, I don't want ohhhh's and ahhhhh's, I want to be real – a real person and not some computer chair menagerie – because I am. I have real feelings, a sense of humor, thoughts, ideas and the like.Coming back here has made me realize how much of an integral piece of my life writing is and was. It isn't about the proper punctuation or gramma, though I do catch myself editing things in hindsight that make my OCD twitch, but it is about be raw and brave.I was actually listening to that song with my daughter in the car “Brave” by Sara Bareilles and thought, that is exactly why I started this blog in the first place; to give my words and thoughts a home.So, feel free to let your hair down around me whenever; mine may not be that long, but I still drop it like its hot ^.~


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