Jumping In With Both Feet!

Wow, okay, so after 2.5 years or so, I have decided to jump back into my creative writing blog with both feet! Oh yeah, that is right, sheeeeeee’s back! Man, there is so much to catch up on and I don’t really know where to begin so I guess I will just have some word diarrhea until my fingers fall off. Sounds good, right?

 Okay, so last we left off in 2011, my boyfriend moved to Florida, yay! I am happy to report that we have not killed each other and he is still here. It has not been without its challenges since we both were very used to our own routines as single people, but we get a little better at it each day we are under the same roof. Who says long distance relationships don’t work out? In all honesty, I had a few in the past that ended poorly, but this one, I think because we never started out as anything more than friends – well, once I got past the hating him part LOL – was enduring due to the lessons learned in our past and understanding how crucial communication is in a relationship.


 Oh, I am still a project manager, but like the updated bio says, I have really branched the heck out and picked up my art hardcore with camera and digital designs (I know, crazy, huh). I started school for Digital Design back in 2012 and in a few weeks, I will be entering my final term before I get that darn degree that I have been busting my butt and earning more grays over! This will be my second full degree. My first in Network Engineering and this second in Digital Design and Animation. The paths we take in life, let me tell you…

 You just never know where you will end up.

 I promise I will keep my photographic and design exploits to a minimum here (unless directly relating to something I am talking about) since this is really all about the “really real” me and what is going on up in my head.

 At the end of last year, I had surgery to remove my freakin’ failing gallbladder, and let me tell you, when that thing fails, you feel like a pile (of ass). I figured out why models always look pissed or serious because I was on a rice and broth diet that made me hella grumpy. The good news, after a month of suffering, was once the problem was fully diagnosed, the awesome surgeon was able to get that thing out 3 days after I met with him. Now, I have added to my scar count, but these can pass for some fancy shiv wounds making them sound way more bad ass than a laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery!

 After a bit of recovery, getting through the holidays, and the start of the new year, I am back on fitness track with biking and yoga. I briefly thought the eviction of the gallbladder fixed my lactose intolerance, but sadly, it didn’t permanently. Oh well, I do still love almond and soy products, not to mention my boyfriend works right next to the health food store, which is a major bonus! We are already up to at least two 10+ mile rides a week and at least another four rides that are between 5-7 miles. The yoga is to help keep everything flexible because that long distance biking can make those muscles stiff.

 In other news, my wee munchkin is not even close to being a wee little one anymore. She has finally hit double digits in age to become a wickedly awesome 11 yr. old. Oh, and now she wears glasses like her mom, which adds to her already looking a bit like me. ^.~

 The best thing I saw yesterday was that she still thinks of me as her best friend and sort of publicly admitted it (to her friends). I felt a bit of pride with that declaration, seriously. To know that she is so close to teen-dom and still thinks her mom with the crazy red hear is awesomesauce makes me feel like a million bucks. It will disappear in the next few years so I am cherishing the heck out of all the “I love you Mommies” that she gives me.

 This past Thursday, with the ushering in of Spring (for us Floridians at least), was the Double 3’s birthday for me. Luckily, most everyone thinks I am somewhere in the ballpark of 23-28, so the signs of aging are still being thwarted by a good twice daily wash, and “creams and tonics” ritual. I think I might keep that up.

 Okay, well, I think I covered nearly everything here – in a very broad spectrum way – so I just want to say Hiyas again, I am back and I hope you are ready to take this in real life journey with me once again!

 Cheers and Happy Sunday to you all! ♥


2 thoughts on “Jumping In With Both Feet!

  1. Rachael Alexandra says:

    Hi darlin', love the blog. It's very hard for me to read at tge top where the pink and white blend. I just highlighted it. I feel the same way about my daughter who's 12. She thinks my fashion sense is fun. I don't know how she'd feel if I still had all my piercings though lol I worry about embarrassing her. Anyway I'm in even more shock that you're older than me lol I didn't see that coming, keep up the writing! ❤


  2. Qwerky Girl says:

    Yeah, I am still working out some of the bugs with the way it is viewed. I am so used to how WordPress works that I am finding it weird to figure this blogger business over again heehee!

    You know, when I was a kid, I was always worried about my parents embarrassing me and that was because of how I learned that so many things were supposed to be taboo or impolite. As a parent now, the first thing I taught my daughter was not to be embarrassed by who she was or who her family is because we are together forever.

    To this day, if she farts, she blames learning it from me, but most of her friends think she has the coolest mom ever, which is okay in my book. She is smart and good natured and I couldn't ask for anything more!

    PS, too funny that you thought I was younger than I am… I will never complain about it EVER!

    Thanks for stopping by and I hope you continue to pop in from time to time for reading or commenting fun! ♥


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