The Two Months Of The Rest Of Our Lives

At the end of next week, we will celebrate the first two months and a half of the rest of our lives.  The boyfriend and I made it here (home) safely and are starting to acclimate to living in togetherness.  Quite a beautiful thing really.  There is no expiration date on this trip.

 I will begin this entry with my trip out there, his birthday, the drive back, and the first few weeks of what will one day be fantastic memories we will look back on fondly.

 First, I flew out to Oklahoma on his birthday and we had dinner with the family, but we had to make it an early night because the Challenger required packing in the morning.  In the morning, the task proved quite challenging (heehee).  Once we got everything imortant into the car, visited with the grandparents and parents, and then we hit the road.

 We blasted through Texas and called it a night in Shreveport around 9ish PM.  We saw a lot of great imagery along the way and stayed in a really nice Hilton Garden for the night.  In the morning, we grabbed some breakfast and plotted the course to the Florida panhandle.  We passed through Alabama and Mississippi before reaching Florida.  Our next stop on the road trip was Fort Walton beach, which was amazingly coastal.  We had a Four Points Sheraton room right on the beach, literally.  The sunset was spectacular!

 The last leg of the trip became more of a race to reach our destination.  We had leg cramps and were completely ready to make it home so we made frequent rest stop turn-offs, but never really made pit stops beyond those.  Finally, we made it to our home in Florida and spent out first night together there.  Who knew two people could get such great rest?!?!

 The next few days were filled with new purchases for lifestyle items like a computer desk and a new grill; plus there was a lot of unpacking to do.

 After a few days, it was time for me to head back to work.

 I am not saying that these two months have been flawless, but the most amazing part of the whole experience is that we can work through any issues that come up, learn from them, communicate well, and move on.  For the first time, it seems like a “real” relationship.

 We cook together, complete house chores as a team, rescued a puppy together (a whole different blog entry), and things are going really well.  My boyfriend was even there for me during my recent surgery and it was wonderful to have someone to count on.  Even the first holiday, Thanksgiving, was off without a hitch because of him.  He helped me, even though I felt kind of rough, get through all the cooking and was always giving me a helping hand.

 In general, for me, it is almost a foreign concept to have someone to count on in good times and in the bad ones.  It was tough at first to concede to needing help or support, but I think I am finally letting those apprehensions go.

 So, here is to the rest of our lives…

 I hope to be a little more frequent from now on…


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