Saying Goodbye to Less Than a Month a Year

Well kiddies, it is finally here.  Moving day for my boyfriend, and our first road trip together.  I fly out tomorrow (also his birthday) morning and by mid afternoon, I will be in Oklahoma to spend it with him and his family.

One Love

After that, Friday afternoon, we will hit the road (with all his stuff) and traverse a handful of states to reach “home”.  Our home.

Our first stop is a Hilton in Shreveport, LA and the second stop is Fort Walton Beach, which is on the coastal side of the Florida panhandle.  This room will have a private beach view (Yay!).  Sunday will be a long drive to the homestead, but we will get there and begin to get him settled.

This is an incredibly exciting time for us, indeed.  We have both been living apart with a 1400 mile distance for over 2 years now, and we finally decided that this was the best thing for us.  Hard to take a relationship to the next level when there is such a great distance involved.  We have both “been there, and done that”, so to speak.

Interestingly enough, this will also be the first time we have lived with anyone since we both moved past our exes.  Somehow, I am sure we both learned a few things in those relationships and will try not to repeat or fall into any of those old traps.  Granted, we are both very different people who had very different exes.  I think we will be just fine.

As for the events that have occurred since the last posting, well, I received my results from my biopsy and I have been called back in to “discuss treatment options”.  Not the news I was hoping for, but luckily it can wait until after my trip.  Friday, October 21st, to be exact.  I am sure my options revolve around something like “removal” methods, but I would prefer to concern myself with that when the time comes.  From a few of my closer lady friends, they have had procedures like some of the options available, and it has not hindered life or reproductive functions so I am “sort of” cool with the possible options available.  I can’t say surgery of any kind is high on my list of things to do, though.

I did, however, warn my doctor that if he doesn’t start giving me better news when I come to see him, then I am just going to stop having these yearly cordial visits (jokingly of course).  Growing up, my mom was his office manager, so he has literally known me for a good majority of my life.  He is “good people”.

Work has been fairly uneventful.  Things have slowed down now that the term is up and rolling.  That doesn’t mean we haven’t had our share of hiccups (beyond the start of term fiasco), but it is more manageable now.  I have actually been able to work on some lingering issues and general maintenance.  It has made the transition into vacation time much easier.  I don’t feel like I am leaving a giant mess around for my team to clean up or anything.

Another fun “experiment” I conducted last week was make-up with the new ‘do.  I also got into a little selfie art on Sunday while the boyfriend spent his last weekend with his family and friends.  Here they are:

Wear Your Make-Up to Work Day!

I can’t believe I almost forgot…

I got to play babysitter for my best friend!  Well, I didn’t babysit her, but I did babysit her lil man, Declan, and he was such a good kid.  I, of course, had to snap happy pics for his mommy and one for myself!

And, finally, one last thing for last week.  I had a foodie moment and made homemade Minestrone soup.  It was Olive Garden recipe inspired (my co-worker, Brittany, was having a craving) with a bit of my own flare (of course)!

It was delicious.  All fresh ingredients, low in sodium (for a soup), organic veggies, and even real spices and seasonings.  Not bad for a whim either! =)

Well, that seems like I have covered it all, or at least all that I can remember.  I would mention all my running, but I track that elsewhere (G+ and RunKeeper), so if you are remotely interested in that, then you can visit:

I hope to get some posting in during the road trip, but if I don’t, then have a wonderful rest of the week/weekend, and I am sure I will have more to report after I deeply immerse myself (and my boyfriend) in this crazy i.r.l. road trip of memories!


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