Autumn in the Air and Fall Colors in my Hair

This week was an extremely stressful, but I got through it.  We had online early access for the Fall term students, which entailed trying out a new campus management software that only worked for about 66% of the students.  Being the type of person that I am, and not liking to see the finish line, I pulled about 50 hours this week.  The best thing was leaving the office on Friday afternoon knowing I did everything I could and getting the last 34% of the students in their courses.

 It was also a tough week because I had an important test this week.  Low grade changes were present when I had my last annual in August, and I had to have a colopscopy performed.  It wasn’t horrible, but it was not pleasant; the biopsy was the worst.  Now, I have to sit patiently while they receive the results of the worrisome tissue.  I am trying to stay optimistic because even if it is something, there are treatment options available, even if they are less than favorable.  To me, favorable is saying everything checks out and I will see you in a year.

 Friday, and the close of the week, also meant picking up my new glasses and having dinner with my favorite new momma.  It was nice.  We hadn’t really sat around with some beer, shooting the breeze, in a long time.

 This morning, I woke up super early and decided that it was time…

 With the rapid approach of my flight and returning road trip, I took the plunge and updated my hairstyle.  I am ever so thankful to my parents for paying for my cosmetology degree.  I save a ton on cutting and coloring my own hair!

 Anyway, I have been scoping out Paramore front-lady, Hayley Williams’ hair for a while, but was always hesitant because of the bang factor.  I haven’t had bangs since my lil munchkin was born (and only because she would lock them in a death grip).  After a bit of research…

…I finally knew what I was going to do.  I had a modified version incorporating some of the color elements, which I love, and also some of the razoring aspects of the cut that would compliment my face.  This is the final result:


 I am a little more partial to myself in glasses these days.  I enjoy the freedom of contacts, but I just feel more at home in my 1st or 2nd gen Oakleys.

After all that fun and excitement, I am off to wrestle up some spinach and (easy on my lactose intolerant tummy) cheese, white pizza and get down with Scott Bakula and Enterprise!

Enjoy the weekend! =)


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