A Whole Lot of This and That!

It has been an interesting week.  Not that any other week is more or less interesting, but it does make for a good opening line. 


I kept pretty busy this week with work, the elliptical, some more drawings, and sleep.  Goodness, the sleep was difficult, but I was persistent.  Towards the end of the week, the stress-induced nightmares subsided, and it has been pretty pleasant in slumberland since.

I finally reached Day 21 on the elliptical and the results are beginning to become more noticeable.  Even better, I don’t seem to have any problems with the vertigo anymore.  Occasionally, I have an odd sensation here or there, but nothing that is remotely close to vertigo.  I believe I am “on the mend”, or whatever!

I began working on a more Japanese influenced Delirium for my tattoo this week as well.  I had made an attempt a week or so ago, and was not pleased with the results, so I began looking at more traditional rice paper designs and styles used, and really got something on paper that I was happy with.  I even did okay on the lotus, which is not a strong area for me; flora, I mean.  It needs color, and elements for the hair, but I am “over the moon” (Brittany’s favorite expression), with the initial results.

As for work, and this is Sunday, I choose to not speak of it and enjoy the rest of my day off in peace!  I will, however, leave you with my Day 21 results and the initial sketch of Delirium (Japanese traditional):

Now, I wish you all a happy and relaxing Sunday.  I have a big week of work (opening of the Fall term), and a doctor’s appointment to prepare for. =)


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