A Weekly Recap: Piratey Style

In honor ‘o International Speak Like A scurvy Pirate Day, I have decided to create a postin’ in scurvy pirate speak, however, I be needin’ to be knowin’ when International Speak Like A Ninja Day be; perhaps it be a day ‘o silence? =)

Whar I left off was plannin’. Plannin’ our trip; I don’t really have a whole lot new to report on that, but I can catch ye up on th’ past week at least.

Th’ munchkin ‘n I spent a lot ‘o jolly barnacle-covered quality the hour together. It was really nice. When I was sick wit’ th’ vestibular neuritis, she didn’t want to do anythin’ but hang out wit’ me on th’ couch, ‘n she wouldn’t stop tryin’ to help out around th’ ship. It was extra heartwarmin’. Now that I be feelin’ better, she still wants to keep that up. One ‘o th’ greatest thin’s ’bout havin’ a child be th’ lust between ye a pair. We both have built-in personal cheerleaders! She keeps me motivated to climb on me elliptical ‘n sword to me goals, set the sails on art projects, etc. ‘n I continue to encourage her creativity ‘n thirst fer knowledge. It be an amazin’ exchange.

In th’ set the sails department, last week was fairly uneventful. Not much to report. I came in ‘n did stuff. ‘Nuff said.  

Home life was a wee rocky over th’ past shore leave, but it be one thin’ that me boyfriend’s move gunna rectify. Messengers ‘n other forms ‘o textual conversations can get misconstrued, which can cause feelin’s to be hurt that aren’t easily remedied from 1400 miles away, but since we communicate well together, by Sunday, it was cleared up ‘n we moved on. It panned out ‘n became a nice Sunday together. 

I can even admit that if certain circumstances had not happened ‘n other thin’s had gone differently, we may not have such an open ‘n honest relationship built on trust ‘n our combined strength. We be extra lucky. It be like me favorite quote:

An invisible red thread connects them who be destined to meet, regardless ‘o the hour, place, or circumstances.”

 Over the hour, we may have be stretched or tangled in others thread, separated by the hour ‘n certainly by conflictin’ places, but we have always be connected. Now, we finally get to follow th’ thread to meet in th’ middle. 

To be off all Disney, we be like th’ Lady ‘n th’ Tramp spaghetti scene! =)

Well, not much left to shout fer ’tis entry, but I gunna give a go’ to get up some pictures ‘o some ‘o th’ drawin’ I did over th’ shore leave ’tis evenin’, maybe, or to’morrow. I did finally get me turpentine ‘n some new, fresh canvas, so I may do a study on some ‘o th’ tattoo concepts that I have be sailin’ through.

‘Til next the hour, be jolly to yourself ‘n be jolly to th’ people around ye. them that be fortunate to keep ye company be surely deservin’ ‘o respect ‘n kindness.   


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