28:19:09:22 and Counting!

That’s right.  It is a February away, now!  The plane trip out to Oklahoma, and then the drive back to Florida.  Since it has become much closer, we have even begun planning the drive and charting the path we want to take.

It is looking like we will leave Friday afternoon, with a stop in Shreveport overnight, and then down to Fort Walton Beach on Saturday.  From there, we will drive the coastal pan handle, enjoying the sights, until we reach the good ol’ Southwest Florida area I live in on Sunday.

I love having a AAA club membership!

It will make most of the hotel stops relatively inexpensive, and it has helped map out the best possible roads based on what we want to see, which is the coastline!

Besides being happy to have my boyfriend under the same roof after over two years together, it will be nice to have a real chance to grow together.  You can only do so much growing, connecting, and communicating from 1400 miles away.  Besides, who wouldn’t like to have someone to take out the trash every now and then!!!! =)

I won’t lie, though.  I do have a little nervousness sharing a dwelling with someone.  When you are very acquainted with living alone (or with child), it seems odd and exciting to add another person to the mix.  What happens if the leave their clothes on the ground?  What if they don’t put the dishes in the dishwasher?  What if they leave the toothpaste cap off the tube?  All good questions to ponder when you are going to live with someone.  How will you handle the situations?  Will communication last through these things?

I would like to think I will always be a pillar of good faith and positivity, but I know that I have my bad days, and I just hope that the good days will always outnumber the bad ones.  I believe we are compatible in so many ways that we will work through all the issues that may arise.  Even if it takes a little practice.

One of my favorite parts about this move, besides having my boyfriend with me, is that we can actually do things together (other than Skype) like go to the movies, the beach, out to dinner, visit with friends, go on vacations, nature walking, cooking, take part in community events, and all other general goofiness and adventures we seem to get ourselves into.  Not to mention, we both smile more when we have each other in the same room.  That is always good in my book.

To sum it all up, I know it won’t always be perfect, but with this move, I feel like we can start a new chapter and journey on our next set of adventures; I couldn’t ask for anything more!


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