Post Test and Preparations

The audiologist was interesting, and the doctor was amazing. I followed lights, shook my head about, moved rapidly, and even had the caloric testing. This test makes you feel drunk. It was also around 9:30 in the morning. My head felt like I drank one too many mimosas.

The doctor asked questions, was a bit shocked that their wasn’t more preliminary tests completed prior to my visit, but was more than willing to go the extra mile to see we found some answers and ruled out the scary stuff. That made me quite grateful to her. She even tested my hearing and middle ear for any degradation in function. First things first, she ruled out all the big stuff like Meniere’s and tumors. This was a huge relief.

Her determination, in a more streamlined explanation, is that she believes it is either vestibular neuritis or migrainous vertigo. If vestibular neuritis is the cause, it could be due to a cold virus that made its way into the inner ear or it could be from an unknown allergen. If the cause is migrainous vertigo, then it is migraine-related and can be treated with anti-migraine medication. There is also a small chance that I could have a eustation tube dysfunction, but most likely not the cause.

The report will be sent to the neurologist and I visit him on Friday. I was given some home exercises, which I have been diligent in completing along with my elliptical routines: 1) Shaking my head while sitting upright for 20 seconds and focusing on a fixed point. 2) Plugging my nose and popping my ears.

More good news came in the form of being told vertigo will not hinder a plane ride. Pressure build-up is the issue that could cause me problems, so the ear popping exercises should prepare me for the flight in October. In addition, I purchased that one-way ticket last night!

Things are beginning to go back to normal. Yay! I no longer require the meds and the vertigo spells have been fewer and fewer. My spirits are lifting, my creativity and clearheadedness are returning, and it has been a hard fought obstacle that I am happy to put behind me.

I would even like to think that I have learned a few things along the way. I am taking away from this experience an increased level of patience, an ability to tell anyone (especially doctors) if I don’t agree with them or need further explanation about a diagnosis (it is my health and I have a right to be informed about it), strength to get through even the scariest of feelings (when your body is fighting against you), slowing life down a bit (a hard lesson for me to stick to), eating and exercising well in tandem, and learning to let go of unimportant people and things.

After we get through September, life will begin to change rapidly. I have to just take it one phase at a time. So, on that note, here are some pictures of my first 7 days (2 weeks and a day) on my elliptical:

First time on the new elliptical: 26:55 minutes, about a mile and a half, and burned 276.4 calories! ♥ my new NordicTrack!
Day 2: 1.5 miles (roughly), and increased resistances. No vertigo, YAY!
Day 3: 1.5 miles (roughly over), and increased resistances. No vertigo, w0ot!
Day 4: Over a mile and a half in 30 minutes and moving at a faster pace! Also, it is Day 4 of no meds, and not one spell of vertigo on the elliptical, and only 3-4 for the day!
Day 5: Increasing resistances to 2-3 (duration too) and keeping my pace between 60-65 rpm. In about 30 minutes I was able to get over a mile and a half.
Day 6: A series of sprints and up-hill resistance. 30 minutes and over a mile and a half. I think I am getting the hang of this!
Day 7 (Start of my third week): Over a mile and a half in 30 minutes and did a variation of level 2 and 3 resistances for 24 minutes of the routine. I also kept the rpm at 60-63 the whole time. =)

During this last week, sans all the medication, I felt like I had more energy.  I also felt it was important to finally start sleeping in this fantastic new bed I purchased as well.  It has been an adjustment.  It is so comfortable, but it is also extremely foreign to me.  It has been 3 nights and it has been tough falling asleep, but once I fall asleep, it is tough to get up.  I am showing patience and giving it some time.

With some of this new found energy, I also took the time to spruce myself up some too!  Even bought a few new things to congratulate myself (I believe this is important in life).

Going back to my gingerness!

In addition, I am also experimenting with my Nikon point and shoot.  I was reading some eGuides and forums, which got me questioning some of its capabilities.  It doesn’t have any manual focusing options, but it does let me play with other setting.  A great piece of advice I was given by an expert was to push the camera I have to its limits before upgrading to an SLR, so I took that advice and began playing with the macro features along with a few others.  I was happy with a few pictures from my backyard flower bed:

My Mexican Petunias were getting sprinkled with a light rain.
I liked capturing the water droplets on the petals most.

Before I forgot to change my ISO settings, I took a picture of this little blue flower about the size of a quarter at the exact same moment a fly landed on it.  Even though the picture is grainy and has a lot of noise, it was still neat.  I may post it at a different time.

I did, also, tinker with some effects on a few self portraits.  Having many great creators within my G+ circles, I find I am more inspired to explore my own designs, so here they are as well:

Super Sepia


For now, I feel accomplished and ready for bed!  I wish you all a happy night in the big ‘ol i.r.l. =)


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