Not Forgotten, But A Little Off-Track

When I wrote last, my friend had her baby and I THOUGHT the vertigo was getting better.  Why yes, I did just all caps the word “thought”.  I also quoted and italicized it too.  I wish I could say that it went away, or got better all on its own, but I can’t.  I am sure with the pressures at work, trying to live my life, doctors changing my medications every five minutes and trying to have as much of a normal life as possible, I compounded the issues.

Over the last few weeks, since my last entry, I have been referred to a neurologist, been to the ER, had an MRI with contrast (still have a brain and apparently it works LOL), and in the next few weeks, I have an appointment with an Audiologist for a Videonystagraphy test (VNG).

One thing that has helped me greatly is the fact that I have been written a script to work from home until my follow-up appointment with the neurologist in September.  This has helped me to slow down a bit and move at my own steady pace.

Between a Red Belt promotion and a school Open House, last weekend nearly killed me.  A good thing came from it, though.  My munchkin’s teacher spoke so highly of her, and her academic and quizzical aptitude, that she has asked to apply for the gifted program at her school.  I was excited to hear that, and so was the munchkin! 

I am hoping that once September rolls around, we find that there is a simple solution to get me back on track so I can fly out to Oklahoma and bring my boyfriend back to live with me permanently.  We just “sort of” celebrated our 2nd anniversary and I really want to be there for his birthday, and then drive back to our new home.

One thing at a time, though, as he says.  I need to get healthy first.  Then, we can worry about the rest.  Sadly, I have not even been able to climb up on the NordicTrack since its test run.

Here are some pic to leave you with of the “fun” from the past few weeks:

Still in the “under construction” phase, but closer to being done

Once it was unpackaged, it was a mess!

Boom boom wanted to help too.

boxes and plastic everywhere!


And…all of it in the picture!

Practicing for her promotion test

What a lil kicker!

Accepting her second red belt (with a black stripe)!

Broken board, new red belt, and a smiling face!

With the Grand Master!

A product of vertigo…two wrong shoes!

lunch date with a dear friend and her lil man!

IV bruising from the ER…ick!

One of the anniversary shirts…Hoping for some luck!

Just after my MRI with contrast…It leaves a yucky taste in your mouth -.-

And, lastly, this is me keeping a smile on my face and thinking positively (B +) like Kerry Kelemen; may she rest in peace!

So, I hope you all a happy and safe weekend!  Until next time…


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