My Best Friend’s Baby

While I don’t have too much to report this week, the things I do have to share are pretty monumental. 

For starters, I sort of got a promotion!  Yay me!  Secondly, my inner ear problems are slowly becoming more mild in comparison to the last two weeks,  That makes me happy because it was extremely debilitating when vertigo set in.  Finally, because I saved the best for last, my oldest and dearest friend (and her husband lol) had their first little pirate baby boy named Delcan Richard William Andrews.  He weighed in at 7 lbs. 9 ounces, and was officially out at 1:20 PM!

Here is the birthday boy, himself:

Can’t get more i.r.l. than this folks!

With that short little weekend report added, it is time to head out into the fray…

Oh, and I almost forgot…

I finally ordered my NordicTrack E5 vi Elliptical Trainer!  I even received a discount for ordering the first two levels of the SD iFit workouts.  I am pretty stoked about using it for my pre-work morning workouts!  It should be here next Saturday!

Until the next installment, I bid you all a great Sunday!


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