It is kind of funny when you see something that hits you like you were already thinking it, but someone else has said it too.  I was looking at my news feed, which is one of the only reasons I read Facebook in the first place, but I digress…

I saw this:

“Don’t believe the saying, “You complete me.” The bottom line is, no other person can complete us… but we CAN complete ourselves. Look no further than yourself. We just need to believe it.”

With a week of digging deep and trying to make it through the anxiety associated with vertigo and wearing a tough face so no one knew exactly how much the vertigo was making me ill, it really dawned on me that I have to rely on ME to get myself through things.  Yes, I believe it is important to have friends, family, and loved ones to count on in situations, but first, and foremost, you have to be able to rely on your own inner strength to push on.

This was especially apparent to me this week.

And, you know what, I made it through.

I know people can count on me, even when I wish they didn’t put so much faith (and pressure) in me, but I am thankful to myself for knowing that I CAN and WILL make it FOR myself as well.

I have seen a lot of changes this past week; my immediate boss quit, I was (essentially) promoted to a more integral technology position, I had my first (and hopefully last) bout with vertigo from an inner ear infection (labyrinthitis – not from watching too much of the movie either – I checked LOL), wrestled with my septic, and even found the time to be a mom for the little one.

Now, while I may “complete” myself, I do have to give it up for the network I do have.  Without them, I don’t believe I would stay strong enough to do all this “completing” in the first place.  My mom and my best friend (preggo) keep me grounded and somewhat lady-civil, my dad is like the one person I know imparted on me the desire to work hard and be equally as cynical in the most logical way, my boyfriend (even from a distance) tries to go the extra mile and do what he can to keep me company on every occasion, and my little one who seems to be my most immediate motivation to be all that I can be in this lifetime.

I once asked myself the question: “Who motivates the motivator when she has no motivation left?”

For me, that answer is the monkey midget monster princess I affectionately call my daughter.

So, everyone out there, I leave you with this: “What are you completing; life, yourself, love, a task, what?”

I hope, whatever it is, it makes you happy and keeps you happy with yourself!


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