A Reflection Piece

While I do not have anything particularly exciting to write about, I do want to write about something that I had almost forgotten about until I was clearing pictures from my phone; the week before my parents left.  It was a week that was full of mixed emotions.  I was happy we all had become settled in the new houses and such and I was even happy they were going back to a place they really enjoy spending their time, but it was sad because it was time to say, “See you soon”.  I am just not a fan of goodbyes; they are too final.

The pictures I want to share are the pictures from my phone that hold some fantastic memories of that week.  Here they are:

Dessert from our family dinner.  It was good.

My dad snackin’ and drinkin’ a Heiny.  It has become quite the past time!

The munchkin digging in! (Not down for carrot cake like the rest of us)

The proverbial father/daughter meatball sub luncheon!  That’s how we do!

Mom’s “Skipster” thinks he is one of the people.

Dad’s lil “Coco” thinks that a box of files is the same as a doggy bed!

Those were some great times, and I am looking forward to picking it back up again in November.  With the way this year seems to be moving, it will be here before you know it.

Love you, Mom and Dad!  See you soon!


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