Back Pains and Strains: They Don't Keep Me Down…

Quite the opposite, actually.  The keep me standing up or walking around a lot.

To explain the story better, i have to go back to the beginning, or rather the first doctor’s visit.  I made an appointment a few weeks ago because I had numbness in both big toes on each foot.  The pain was hitting the major points and joints up to my hips when I finally went in.  I am usually under the assumption that it will go away with a few Ibuprofen and a restful weekend.  After nearly 3 weeks and no relief, I went in.  My hips and lower back were severely out of alignment, and the doctor was hopeful that some decent inserts in a decent pair of shoes, along with the spinal manipulation, would clear it all up.

I had a follow-up appointment scheduled for 3 weeks after that, and I couldn’t make it to the appointment before I was back in; this time in tears from back pain and muscle fatigue in my legs.  This time, however, I couldn’t even sit comfortably for longer than 20 minutes before I had to stand and walk around.  So, I went back in…

After another adjustment, I went home.  Still unable to sit, I stayed on the couch in a reclined position.  This was a Wednesday afternoon.  Thursday and Friday rolled around, and I still couldn’t sit long enough to get to work, much less work while I was there, so I called the doctor again.  This time he prescribed another medication and told me that I should feel better by Monday or I will need to get x-rays to further investigate my back problems.

Well, here it is, Sunday, and I am still running into issues with sitting for extended amounts of time without having to get up and move around.  This is quite the issue for someone who sits in her car, at work, and when she gets home.  Most of my walking or standing comes during an exercise routine (which hasn’t been done since this issue), going to the bathroom or get coffee while at work, or doing house chores when I am home.  I am used to back pain from sleep or back pain that has prevented sleep, but I have never had back pain that has hindered my normal routine this intrusively.

I am hoping that by some miracle I am better in the morning and will not need to get any type of x-ray, but who knows.  As of now, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The only good thing that came from this problem was my cooking experimentation.  If you can’t sit for long periods of time and you shouldn’t be lifting or moving things unnecessarily (being a single mom, some of those things, like laundry, could not be avoided), what else can you do?

You can read recipe articles and make them to fit your dietary needs.  In this case, I made soy-based quiches (not vegan because I haven’t found a tasty egg alternative with the same consistency), french toast casserole, brownies (for the little one), and vanilla custard tarts in phyllo cups.  Here are the finished products:

Broccoli & Bacon with Part Skim Ricotta (Quiche Base is Soy & Tofu)

Shitake & Swiss with Bacon Crumble Topping, Feta, and Asiago (Quiche Base is Soy & Tofu)


Double Chocolate Brownies for the Lil One

French Toast Casserole with Cinnamon Sugar Glaze

Vanilla Custard Tarts in Phyllo Cups (Soy)

With Wild Blueberry Topping

Plain | Without Soy Whipped Topping

It is tough to be tossed out of your routine, but I am keeping this little thought I saw on one of my Facebook Subscribed Pages:

“If we see the exact same event from a different perspective we will see an entirely different event. We cannot control the wind… but we CAN control our sail as it catches the wind.”

Now, since I have not been able to “game” recently, let me introduce you to my “stand-in”, Gamer Turtle:

He iz in ur ‘puter, pwning u!

So, with that being said, I will see how I feel tomorrow and take it from there; controlling my sails and not trying to control the wind.


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