Mother's Day the Right Way!

Another year down, and here we are at Mother’s Day.  I say another year down because this blog has been officially running for over a year now.  I began it in 2010; right at the end of April and just before this holiday.  Last year, I got my first girly tattoo to celebrate being a mother and this year I purchased a fancy, leather Executive office chair.

Now, you may be wondering why on Earth someone would get a chair for a celebration of Motherhood, so I will explain.  Since about 7 years ago, I was in the habit of piecing two older Desktop computers together and keeping them alive.  I had an old design PC that used to house Final Fantasy 11 (until I quit and uninstalled it), and Adobe CS4 (after the gaming removal).  Then, I had a crappy AMD that was holding together for about 4 years and feeding my World of Warcraft addiction.

Last Saturday, both PCs finally met their end.

I still plan on salvaging the hard drives, but for all intents and purposes, those computers have seen their glory days and are out to pasture.

That being said, My boyfriend decided that I deserved something nice and something that I didn’t have to build.  He ordered a very nice Dell XPS, which I was able to put my video card upgrade I had sitting on the shelf.  It came in on Friday, well before Mother’s Day, and I had it set up and downloading the WoW client within an hour.

After spending that hour in a pretty rickety old chair, I decided to purchase a nice chair to match my new computer.  Not literally matching the computer, but something equally as nice.  I spent the better part of the beginning of the week medicated due to a back injury (from moving) that was compressing nerves down to my feet and creating numbness and pain.  A nice chair (and shoes) were exactly what I needed.

Another change that came around was the hair…

Not that I don’t do that on a pretty regular basis, but this time I felt inspired.  I wanted something that was easy to manage, fun, cute, and fully equipped for the Florida summer heat.  The inspiration part came from Bleach flashback story arcs with Shihōin Yoruichi.  I just loved her messy, care-free, butt-kicker (Hakuda), shunshin (Shunpo) hair.

Some personal accomplishments include:

  • Fixing my plumbing issue all by myself
  • Learning to mow the lawn
  • Mowing my first lawn
  • Finally feeling settled after almost a month at the new house
  • Supporting my Mother-to-be best friend however I can
  • Being part of my best friend’s 4D Ultrasound event (It was amazing to see)

Essentially, the “right way” for Mother’s Day is a change in hair, some nifty gifts, and getting to spend time with the munchkin that makes this holiday possible for me.  In addition, spending time with the ladies of the family and enjoying some grub wasn’t too shabby either!

Only thing that could have made it all better would have been to have had the computer hand delivered by the man that made the purchase.  I just keep telling myself, “All in good time…”

To close out this blog entry I would like to celebrate all the mothers out there by saying, “Happy Mother’s Day!”, and I would like to share the random pictures related to the entry.

Not from this weekend, but a picture that embodies the munchkin’s personality completely.

My new computer.

Thankies baby!

New Hair!

It isn’t a family event without some duck faces!

Or happy smiles!

The Pirate Baby!!! (Currently without name)

Hair Inspiration…

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