Fluffy Bunnies and Easter Gatherings Galore

I really tried to relax this weekend, but with an overly excited munchkin running from 90 to nothin’ all Saturday evening and well into Sunday, there wasn’t much rest for me.  I had a little time after my little shopping trip on Saturday to sit down and hang with some of my favorite people in Vent, while we ran some old Burning Crusade (WoW) raid content.  The little one went to a wedding that had a Candy Land-themed reception.

While not being neck deep i.r.l., I like to relax with the boyfriend and friends with some WoW or spend a little time catching up on Bleach, Naruto (very behind), or Bones via Netflix or Hulu.  That, other than writing, is how I like to decompress.  There are times when I feel I really need to just unplug from work, cleaning, moving, etc., and just take it easy.

So, on to Sunday’s events….

My parents decided to do the Easter gathering at their house.  It will probably be the last official gathering before they head back up north for the Summer.  When I say official, I mean that it was a gathering that included my grandmother (aka Nana).  We had conversations, sandwiches, desserts, and an egg hunt; all the staples of an Easter gathering.  Here are a few of the highlights:

New Basket for the New House (Our first official holiday!)

Collecting the eggs

Some of the grown-ups chatting it up

My dad and little CoCo

Zee Monster and the Skipster
First duo pic in the new house

Our first duck faces in the new house!

Goofy lil fish face!

We had a really nice day, and it was nice to see my Nana and show her my new house as well.  Once I get fully acclimated to the new place, I think I will feel more at home.  I still need to get a wireless USB LAN adapter, new steam mop/wood floor vacuum, and a few other essentials.  Then, I will just need some non-essentials and I should be done.  It really is a shame we don’t live in a really real world of fluffy bunnies and easy answers.  Then it would just be a Walgreens commercial, right?!?!?

Have a great day!


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