Business as Usual

Good Friday is always better when there is no work involved.  Unfortunately, I still have a little munchkin’s room to reassemble.  Luckily, I have until tomorrow afternoon to set it up.  I am looking forward to celebrating our first Easter in the new house.  I am thinking that I might hide some eggs around the house so she can do the “hunt” thing.  I will need to keep the Boomer doggy away, though!

On the menu for today is a dash of lazy, a bit of WoW (hopefully some runs with friends), and a sprig of room assembly.  I haven’t done much since I finished my room and hung all the wall art on Wednesday, however, I do have some pictures of that.  I still need to get a few more pieces, finish setting up the office so I have some art space (a few canvas are still unfinished).

Well the coffee pot has beeped at me, so I will leave you with those pics…


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