New House / New Deal

With the new house comes a whole new set of routines, patterns, and other OCD adjustments to make.  One of the first things I am working on are my mornings.  I used to have a very solid schedule for getting up and getting out the door.  With the move, I have the perfect opportunity to change some things around.  Or, at least use it as a great excuse for creating some changes in my life.  I had become slightly complacent with a few things for a few months because I was in such a holding pattern.

With my mornings, I am waking up earlier, taking my time by completing my Wii Yoga routine, eating breakfast (oatmeal or cream of wheat), sipping my coffee at the kitchen table, playing with the dog outside, taking a relaxing shower, picking out clothes, getting prepared for work, making my lunch and everything else.  I really feel less stressed when I am not fighting with traffic and rushing to get to work.  I have enough other “new home” stuff to get all worked up about, but those are slowly starting to fade away.

A brilliant segue into the next routine I am modifying is the evenings.  I want to go to bed earlier(ish), and create an overall “more balanced” evening ritual.  Making dinners consistently rather than only when the little one is around.  Normally, I make myself something small like soup or a quesadilla or a white pizza with spinach. 

So, to wrap this puppy up, I feel that this new house will allow me to renew some of my more positive habits and also allow me to change some things that I may not have been as pleased with in the past.

I have a few more examples and things I want to change, but currently I have to finish some things up…

Until next time, have a great and productive day out there in the really, “i.r.l.” world!


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