Pack ‘Er Up!

My stuff lol

Not gonna miss those couches

Poor boxed up living room; can’t pack the computers until last of course.

Emptied bookshelves

Bare fridge =(

Can’t put up the appliances; may still need them =P

All my movies…gone to boxes and bags

Barely room to see the TV hahaahaa

Room bare, except sleepy-time sheets and hidden beer >.>

Oh noes…so empty; my two closets will eat my clothes up fur cereals =P

Midget’s room; done

Sorry honey, no extra toys for you this week =P

All gone but the cleaning supplies…for now

College dorm-like essentials!

Non-perishables and unused appliances =/

My crazy ass mug collection >.>

Used to live here

Books packed up!

Mugs boxed

Wood laminate floors, Yay!

Before added to my floors LOL

And that is it for my moving weekend…

Hopefully, it will be a quick week and the moving process will begin shortly.  Then, I can add all sorts of reports and information about the adventures had by all.  Next on my list – find out about DSL transfer service and much, much more!


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