That's Right, I PWN'ed It!

Over the weekend, while packing up my house, I received the coolest thing ever…

The actual title to my car (yes, I am aware that it is really only a copy)!  That’s right, after a good number of years making monthly payments, I have officially bought and paid for it.  It is all mine; my own little silver roller skate (a.k.a. the grocery-getter).  With less than 40K miles on it and seeing me through the good and the bad, I am happy to say that i can now go into the new house without the extra payments. 

My friend has informed me that I should do something nice for it, to show it my appreciation.  Next thing, tires and perhaps some window tinting?  We shall see…

Later today or this evening, I will try to get some of the fun pics up from my packing weekend.  Not sure if I should be grateful or depressed that most of it all fits in my living room LOL.  Until then, have a great day!


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