Trials and Cabinet Installations…

Earlier today I promised a few more pics and stories from my vacation, so here it goes:

First things first, we went to Total Wine or as we adults call it, “Candy Land”!  This is a part of the vacation where we get discounted beer and sample new things.  It is all part of our adventures together.

For me, I decided after our last try of Unibroue’s Maudite, that i would sample some other selections from this brewery.  I tried Ephemere, Blanche de Chambly, and Don de Dieu (and Maudite, of course) and I have to say that the Ephemere (with apple flavor) was a hands down favorite.  I grabbed some aged swiss and really paired it up; it brought out all those rich flavors.  My second choice was the Blanche de Chambly.  It was a bit of a lighter flavor, but oh so smooth.  I could definitely see myself getting in trouble with that one for sure.  The one that kind of ruined my testing mood was the Don de Dieu.  It had a high alcohol by volume percentage and since I have a less tolerant tummy these days, it really hurt the lining.  Luckily, I only had one.

My boyfriend really got out there and tried some pales and pilsners from some independents.  There were a few that I was definitely envious of; the Full Sail was one!  I even have to thank our friends, Doug and Laima, for directing us to the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.  It was a real winner.  We, of course, stuck to our tried and true Heineken, which we shared with my dad, but we also got down on some Blue Moon spring seasonal as well.

All in all, we had an interesting tasting adventure.  We even got out my awesome beer glasses (not goggles lol).  Here are some of the bottles and glasses we experimented with:

The next tidbit of news comes from the new house construction that is well under way.  While on vacation, my dad was completely going mach 10 getting stuff installed.  Here are some of the pics from the work in progress we got to visit on Sunday:

Kitchen cabinets are installed…My Cobalt Corian countertops and silver knobs and pulls will be in soon.  Along with my shiny new black appliances!

The Bay window breakfast nook!

Kitchen and bathrooms have this tile and wood laminate will be in the living areas.

View from the kitchen into the living room.  1700 sq. ft. under A/C, yeah baby!

Into my master bedroom!

So big I don’t even think I have the furniture to fill it!

Giant closet number one; I think I will call it the “dog house” for when people are bad!!!!

Entry to the master bathroom

His and hers sinks for the vanity area.

My shower!  Finally, a good place to shave!

closet number two; I am pretty sure all my clothes could fit in just this one, but I have future plans to think about too ^.~

Master bedroom has a door to the lanai too!

Entry for the guest area/ office and the monster’s room!

Patio view…under construction of course.

Monster’s room

She gets a great view of the grandparent’s office!

My office/gaming room

Guest/Monster’s bathroom

This bathroom is basically done


View from the living room out into the garage…yes, there is the little roller skate car!

Now, for that last story of the night….

I had to take my boyfriend to the airport today.  His stay was already extended 3 days later, but I was so very happy to keep him around for that extra time.  I almost forgot what it was like to have another adult around, and one you like a whole lot to boot.  We had three extra days to goof off, make more memories, create more inside jokes “bitches” (yes, that is one of them), and just enjoy each others company.  Even though I had to work, it was nice to have someone to come home to; especially him.  We help to keep each other in line and the happiness keeps us motivated towards the future and our future plans.

That being said, time for why I had to preface the story in such a manner.  About one hour and thirty minutes after he was supposed to take off, I get a call that his plane had to make an emergency landing in Jacksonville, which is a good 5 1/2 hours north and on the other coast.  The people were “deplaned” and fire crews and inspectors begin checking out the plane – hunting down this mysterious burning smell that was detected in-flight.  After being stuck in JAX limbo for way too long, they finally decided, now that all connecting flights have left, that they are going to fly his group to the connection in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

At nearly 11:00 PM EST, I am writing and waiting for him to land in TX so I know what he will have to do to get to his other home just outside OKC.

So, there you have it…

My trials and cabinet installations for the past two weeks!  Have a great night and I am sure I will have more to right about since the really real world is giving me so much material at this present time.


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