Company Coffee Culture

I had an epiphany this morning while getting my cup of company coffee this morning.  A company’s culture directly correlates to their coffee station within the office.  A well kept coffee station generally means an efficient crew that knows the importance of java and quality workflow.  An unkept and filthy station with empty pots burning on the warming plates generally means that you have a majority of irresponsible heathens who believe it is everyone else’s job to do things.

So, I encourage you, the next time you pass by the coffee station at your place of employment and take note of the status of the coffee; is your culture one of efficiency or not?

My motto:  If you are old enough to drink it, then you should be old enough to make it.  In addition, don’t complain about how others make the coffee if you are too lazy to make a fresh pot when you take the last cup.

Those are the words of wisdom for today!

I still owe you all a few pics from the construction and details from vacation, but I have to take someone to the airport after a slightly extended stay, so those will come soon…


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