Welcome The Whirlwind

So, it is going to be a crazy couple of months. Not that it hasn’t been a crazy two months already, in 2011, but it is about to get a bit more hectic. I think I may retroactively post some things later today or tonight, but for now, here are the updates:

The move appears imminent. Right around my birthday will be the closing (if it goes through), and another 30 days after that, we should be moved. Way to ring in the old “dirty 30” huh?

This is going to necessitate me to do a lot of cleaning, packing, and removing some of the old junk in my life (and home). New furniture and such will definitely be a plus. Cleaning, however, is not something I think I will enjoy. Unless, someone has changed the requirements for that since the last time I did it (Sunday, I think).

Things that I will have to consider or reconsider for a while:

  • Traveling
  • The Internet (Oh No!)
  • Cable/TV

Now, the internet thing will definitely only be a temporary thing, I assure you. As for the cable and the traveling, I can do without the “boob tube” since I don’t even watch it much now and the traveling (other than abroad) may not even be a particular issue soon anyway.

So, for now, it is time to head back to the whirlwind that is r.l., but I will try to post updates and such as things begin to shake out!


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