Disney and Sea World and Road Trips…OH MY!!!!

Disney Boardwalk right outside the hotel

I know it has been nearly a month since I provided any kind of update, but it was a busy January for sure.  The little one turned eight, we did parties, and at the end of the month, had our annual road trip to Orlando for some Disney family fun.

This fountain was almost as big as the hotel LOL

This year was a little different since we went alone, however, it proved to be quite a wonderful time.  Even if we both decided that Disney was kind of a rip off and we would prefer to just hit up a different park (Universal…*cough, Cough*) next year; it will have more to offer a rollercoaster-loving crew (us)!

The highlights from Disney were not as frequent as the mediocre or annoying aspects, but what really made up for it was the adventure itself.  Well, and the Sunday Sea World excursion.

The most exciting parts (for me at least) were the S.R. and C.R. roads taken along the trip.  Driving through the rural towns and seeing different parts of the state rather than covering the boring sights in a blurring pace while traversing the Interstate. 

Our caricature

Once we were there, the best parts (for both of us) of the trip were going around spending quality “Mommy and daughter” time together as well as playing in the game room at the hotel, riding Space Mountain (monster in the front cart!), The Haunted Mansion, having our caricature done, seeing the amazing view of the nightly fireworks display from our hotel window, and last but not least, SEAWORLD!  I would like to point out that Sea World was also the least expensive leg of our trip.  It was even a good time when we lost the rental car for 10-15 minutes.

So, to finish up this post, I will leave you with two pictures of our time at Sea World; a group shot and one of the munchkin petting the Rays in the feeding pool!

Good times!

She did not want to leave this area, except to go see the dolphins!

Have a great day, and I will try to pause from r.l. more frequently (even if it is brief) to update and post more here!! =D


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