New Year, Positives, Transitions, Potentials for Great Things

First of all, welcome to 2011 in the really real world. =D

Now that the New Year part of this blog has been said, on to the real “meat and potatoes” of this entry.

At the start of this year (yes, I am aware it is still only January), I wasn’t particularly optimistic about many of the events that may or may not occur within it.  My friend decided to pursue her photography career and quit the place we both worked at.  I was not really looking forward to taking on a new employee and having to train them.  Especially after the last time that was supposed to happen and it went rather poorly, however, the new employee is working out well.  I would not say that it has become easy yet, but she will learn and things will work out.  I believe this will be a positive thing, even if it means my friend isn’t as “around” as she once was.  Things change, and we can either roll with it or be rolled over.  I am going to choose to roll with…

Next on the docket, transitions…

So, earlier last year I put together a bucket list of sorts and wanted to celebrate my “dirty thirty” abroad.  Well, of course the real world has to change my plans.  I went through learning a few languages (conversationally) and everything.  Unfortunately, there was just too much going on with family crises for me to responsibly make plans for a trip of that magnitude without being considered the most selfish human on the planet, which, I am not.  So, I was disappointed at first that Japan or Ireland were off the table, but I got over it when I contemplated making it a plan that would involve other people to travel with me in the future.

Another transition for me is becoming 30 years old in a few months.  It is scary and kind of cool all at the same time.  At first, I was mostly terrified.  A (sort of) single mom, work-a-holic extraordinaire becoming pretty much old was out of the question.  How the hell did “old” creep up on me?!?!?!  Then, like usual, a good group of friends and a healthy dose of contemplation left me thinking of the possibilities rather than the drawbacks to this.

Making a great segue for potentials for great things….

One of the family crises that has hindered my extended (birthday) travel plans may also unlock a few potential moves for a few people; including myself, and I have to say it seems pretty exciting.  I don’t really want to speak too much about the “moves” until more hardened plans are in place, but I can admit that the “i.r.l.-ness” of the conversations had, do make me pretty happy.

Now, if the first potential great thing happens (see above), well, then I can see a great potential for MANY more positive things going on for ’11.

Perhaps, awesome?  Perhaps, EPIC?  Perhaps, just that thing we call life?

Who can say for sure?

I know that I am just hoping that 2011 ends up a great year; with all the potential greatness I am hoping to see!

Peace out!


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