Welcoming in the New Year

This year was the first year my boyfriend and I got to spend together without being on the phone or talking through Skype.  However, it did not come without a few bumps in the road.  First, he had a sinus infection and the first flight was delayed so long that he had to fly out on New Year’s Eve (instead of the planned “day before”).

We did make the best of it, and we did ring in a wonderful New Year.  The flight got in early and I live so close to the airport, we were home in time to watch the ball drop with the little one.  The next night, we did the dinner thing with my parents and even let the fireworks go.

All in all, it was an amazing way to spend/ring in the New Year; with the ones you love and love you in return!

Here are a few pictures to highlight the trip:

Even though the trip was brief, it was certainly the best way to look ahead to the new year.  There were so many trials throughout the year, i.r.l., that made this the most perfect trip; even with all the hiccups that got us to it!

Happy and safe New Year (2011) to all!

I look forward to many more i.r.l. experiences to share with you all; from trips to random awesomeness, to hurdles and everything in between!

P.S. Considering new tattoos for the year as well!


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