Kiss-Moose has come to an End

Well, holiday number one is complete.

We had cooking…

Mom made Yorkshire Pudding…

Dad was carving the roast…(These were Christmas Eve feast items)

I ❤ my Kitchen Aid Mixer and all the attachments…

Makes making my special choco chip cookies (kinda organic) super easy in the prep work.

I claim this dough for ME!  Well, for Christmas, really!

Spooning it out.

Using my trusty stoneware to bake these bad boys up!

The pan has been well used =)

I tried a standard cookie sheet, but it just doesn’t stay as even a temp. as the stoneware.

Next, we have my first scones.  This is the rolled out (by hand press) dough; it is cinnamon scone with cherry chips.

Last thing for Kiss-Moose breakfast feast was the blueberry muffins.  Blueberries were hand picked by my Dad from his garden in Georgia.

Cooked scone wedges.  Sprinkled sugar on top; no glaze yet.

Scones with Maple Cinnamon Glaze

Blueberry Muffins…Yum!

My special (semi-organic) choco chip cookies

Finished Product, Hand Delivered!

Finished Product, Hand Delivered!

Finished Product, Hand Delivered!

We had presents and unwrapping…


From our favorite man and his family!  Part 1…

Completely uninterested in anything except trying to lay on me =P

Her favorite was the Panda…heehee

Excited about her MP3 Player

She just loves the “Buddies” movies, on account of the doggies and such…

Her first big art kit.  She was stoked!

A Discovery Kids Learning Laptop…Major Kercitement!



Time to rest after the victory!

Poor Coco!



Old Jojo

With her paw covers and new toy…She is soooo fail (but cute).

Mom =)


Dad and his gift from my favorite man.

Opening it up…

Seal of Approval

Mom and her gift from my awesome boyfriend…

Winning smile…

Smile of approval

Two monkeys on my nephew’s back

Best present EVER from our favorite man, part 2.

We had family time…

Nice smiles…

Goofy faces…

Mummy and duck faces…

Goofy family photos are the best!!

We (And I mean me) even had a glow from all the warmth of the holidays…

And now that all has come to an end; the house is clean and decoration-free, which just leaves the preparations for my boyfriend to come and visit for the New Year (YAY!)!  At least most of everything is tidied up, so I bid you all a, “Cheers!”

Cheers and Happy Kiss-Moose Closings!

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