Kiss-Moose Eve! All Was Bad, But All Has Become Well!

So, this week, and the stress of a few months spewed out in one crazy ass explosion this week.  It ended with me hitting a chair, tripping over it, and sobbing on the floor.

After that massive low, I let go of a lot of things I was subconsciously bottling up, and everything has become normal (as much as I have a normal i.r.l. lol) again.  I still have some lingering issues out there, but those are things that will just take time to mend or overcome.  I can lack patience or struggle with no anticipated plan for many things, however, I am trying to persevere (in my own little way).

Anyway, it is the eve of the “kiss-moose” and we had a little running around to do, lit all the trees, baking shall ensue later, Christmas music is on the satellite, and I have my gift from my favorite behbeh (zee boyfriend) on; it is a ninja t-shirt, w0ot!

Had time to snap some pics of the craziness (and Facebook is being a douche about creating new albums), so here are some from this morning:

Mommy in front of the Z tree

It’s a “G” thing!

Just added presents

She added a Hannah Montana wig for a star and called it the Hannah Tree LOL

Together by the Tree

Three little ninjas…

Pic for my behbeh

After the store and bank, we went out to wrestle with the Boom-dog

Playing w0ot

In zee outdoors

Moar dogs; incoming!

LOL (I have nothing else to say)

I like it red =P 
The sun does it justice!

Now, off to cook and such…

Merry Kiss-Moose to all and to all a happy Kiss-Moose!  Stay tuned, after your own i.r.l. holiday of course, for pics of the other shenanigans!


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