A Bushel of Firsts

This week brought in a bunch of “firsts” for me.  I conducted my first solo interview of a potential employee, got all of my presents wrapped an under the tree with over a week until Christmas, was pet and fluffed by co-workers, dressed cute and trendy for a week straight, and found out that my boyfriend and I will get to spend our first New Year’s Eve/Day together.

The interview thing was not nearly as stressing as I thought it would be.  I have sat in or done co-op interviews before, but this was the first one I conducted all by myself.  I did my homework, put my questions into categories based on interpersonal and communications skills, position specific (task related) questions, strengths and weaknesses assessment, etc.  Can’t go into details or anything, but I really did impress myself with the decent job I did.  Face to face, in the real world, requires a much different skill set and I am glad I have not lost my touch out there.

While coloring my best friend’s hair, we rounded up the last few presents for wrapping and got it all done.  Since the little knows about Santa now, I just assume put everything but the stocking out these days, so I got it all under control.  In previous years, I was always wrapping and sneaking and such right up to late on Christmas Eve.  This year, we will be having a lovely dinner with the folks (my parents), and then coming home to bed; Christmas morning will consist of the wake up, opening presents and then revisiting the parents for breakfast before the rest of the family shows up for the group stuff.

This is kind of a “two-fer”.  Normally, I am, to quote a friend, “…the least vain person I know…”, however, this whole week, since it was the most ridiculously cold week for southwest Florida, I was layering and bundling up in some of my super fancy attire, which is also ultra warm.  On average, I do not do this, but I have so many splendid coats (trench and whatnot), I just felt like I should.  One day, my under coat, which had a tool type petticoat liner was fluffed and primped by a co-worker until I look like I had some sort of Shakespearean frock on.  Now, my outer coat was fuzzy and velvety with a swirling pattern, and actually had another co-worker ask if she could touch (pet) me.  I am, pretty much, used to being the person who gets the snide looks from the Abercrombie and Fitch employees, while my partner in crime is usually complimented on her attire/shoes (she loves them both).  It was kind of nice to be the slick dresser for once, even if I know I won’t keep up with that one.  That is one thing about the really real world I just can’t get caught up in, the “fashionista” craze.  I will take comfort over style (at work) any day!

Finally, I found out that my boyfriend purchased a plane ticket to come stay with the munchkin and me as we bring in the New Year.  This a very exciting time, I think.  Last year, with power-outing storms and moving and other things, we spent the New Year on the phone; flipping through channels until we found one running the same program.  We did, however, get to ring in the New year twice, due to the fact that we were in different time zones.  Not this year, though.  We get to spend nearly 3 days together and it will be great!

It will be tough to part ways so soon after being back together, but we know (or at least keep in our hearts and minds) that this will not last forever, so I will try not to cry too much or be too sad about it (I said try!).

This was a posting about “firsts”, so let’s not anticipate that this will be the “last” posting for the year!  I hope to get a few more in before I am posting one about the “first” of the new year.


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