Here Comes The Holiday…

…and it is getting so close, it is practically humping my leg. =P

Luckily, I have received the last few items, and I can get them wrapped up and ready to go, however, I just can’t get as jazzed about the holiday this year.  The little one knows that I am “Santa” (lol) and that has taken a little of the fun out of it for me.

One good thing that made me a bit happy for the season was my girlfriend’s (friends who are girls) “Ninja Catz” outing X-mas edition, which consisted of pretty fancy dress and eating at a pretty fancy fondue restaurant.  It was a pretty great event full of laughter, joking, drinking (for two of us), and fun!

After all the fun and excitement, I am pretty sure all of us went home, peeled off the fancy attire (I could still breathe in mine, but those two…lol), and proceeded to go into a food coma. =)

Now, I will retire back to my bed and prepare for a little gift wrapping (last minute items) and watch a little Netflix.  I hope I will get at least one more posting on here before the holidays, so until then…


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